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Mueller's ‘Foreign Agent’ Cases May Lead to Probes of Green Groups

Great writing by the Daily Signal, the millions of dollars received by green activists from foreign interests should be attracting the same attention..

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GOLDSTEIN: Carbon credits could cost Canadian taxpayers billions

The Smoke and Mirrors deception of the Carbon Dioxide Credits trading Scheme. iloveco2 opinion, a 2 minute read. Tragically Politicians are committing..

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Photos from I Love Carbon Dioxide's post

Remember when we humans filled our wide open spaces with solar panels that lasted 20 years before turning into electronic waste and wind farms..

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Global Warming is About Destroying Capitalism?

In this Nasty leftie’s plan, only her and her comrades will enjoy access to the natural resources gifted to us by our amazing planet. Access..

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Is Wind Power Brewing Budweiser's Beer? Read The Fine Print

I will be boycotting Budweiser for damage to the environment. They are using creative accounting to try and sell more beer and filling our wide..

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