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Barry Brill is the chairman of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, in this well put-together article he cleans up some of the mess of the alarmist messaging.

“11. Can we “save the planet”?

No. Planet Earth was formed about 4.3 billion years before the first humans appeared, and it had more atmospheric CO2 and higher temperatures than now for most of that time. Extensive use of stored fossil fuels began less than a century ago”

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The bank for the fatalistic, superstitious and gullible, photo taken in San Francisco just off the bay bridge. ...

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No words. 🤦‍♂️I think after this year we can all agree the carbon tax is a load of malarkey! ...

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Malcolm Robert’s is spot on as usual.Carbon is in every cell of every living organism on our planet. Every cell.

It is essential to all life on, in & above our planet.

Carbon dioxide is nature’s trace atmospheric gas. Invisible, non-toxic, tasteless, colourless, odourless, ... essential to life on our planet.

Empirical data shows nature alone determines the level of Carbon dioxide in our planet’s air.

Even the UN’s corrupt climate body admits that the amount of carbon dioxide dissolved in our planet’s oceans is 50-70 times the carbon dioxide contained in our planets entire atmosphere.

Empirical data proves carbon dioxide’s solubility in water varies with water temperature & as ocean teamlerature varies naturally carbon dioxide is exchanged between the oceans and our air - to or from the water, from or to the air.

The issue is not the climate.
The issue is not the environment.

The issue is control.
Control of energy.
Control of water.
Control of property use.
Control of resources.
Control of production.
Control of wealth.

Control of people. Our lives, livelihoods and basic freedoms of movement, production, exchange.

Control of you. Control of us.

Like hell.

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Wisdom from the man! ...

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