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'Too Many Polar Bears:' Govt Draft Plan Says Polar Bear Numbers 'Exceed Co-Existence Threshold'

Next theory coming soon: Climate change will cause us to be overrun by polar bears. Only large carbon taxes and changes to everyones way of life..

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The Guardian has always been an alarmist rag. Just switch out cooling with warming when it suits them. ^ Justin

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NASA’s Massive Adjustments Have Made 1910-2000 temperatures 53% warmer

Nothing to see here. Just keep listening to your government agencies and believing them, they’d never have an agenda. Nope.

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Almost every media story uses a photo like this when talking about plant food #CO2. And the sheep fall for it.

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Friends of Science

All in all, it would therefore appear that CO2-induced plant nutritional enhancements far outweigh any CO2-induced plant nutritional declines…

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