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Alex Epstein is on a roll with excellent guests on his Power Hour show.

In this hour long discussion with author Michael Shellenberger about his abdication from the alarmist climate cult, Shellenberger makes a surprising admission.

He says;

“carbon emissions (CO2) are reducing, if that’s your thing!”

The “if that’s your thing” tagged on the end means he doesn’t believe CO2 emmisions are a problem anymore.

I have been aware of Shellenberger through his website, Environmental Progress, where he has advocated Nuclear power as a way of saving the planet from CO2 emissions, he has been a loud CO2 hater for 20 years.

Shellenberger has apologized for peddling the alarmist fatalism, it’s a good thing... but can he be forgiven?

(iloveco2 likes nuclear power)

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I often fly this route over the Pacific Ocean between California and New Zealand and always marvel at the combination of our amazing planets gift of energy and the human ingenuity and technology that makes fast and comfortable and safe jet-plane travel possible, it is a miracle of our times.

A 12 hour 6000 mile flight over nothing but blue ocean always humbles and reminds me of the vastness of our world and gives time to ponder on the increasingly flimsy fatalism that continues to be pushed on us by the eco-doomers.

As atmospheric CO2 levels continue to behave the same as before the COVID-19 shut down, it is getting more and more difficult to ignore the fact that human generated CO2 is lost in natural variability, so even if you think essential for life, trace-gas CO2 is poisoning the planet, we are not really making much of difference.

Sound scientific reasoning has already proven the absurdity of the Alarmist claims that we are acidifying the oceans, but even if this is not convincing enough, the sheer immensity of the ocean passing beneath the wings of the airliner for 12 hours must give even the most devout alarmist cause to reflect that our influence on the oceans is the equivalent of a sneeze in a hurricane.

The virus crisis and race riots will run their courses, a bold assumption, but they always have in the past, and the warming-left will return to more mundane claims like “the world ending in 12 years” “coastal cities to be flooded by sea level rise”.... to achieve the globalist world order they demand, it will almost be a relief for business-as-usual eco-anarchy to return.

At iloveco2 we are hoping that having changed our Facebook page designation ,from Media to Opinion, it will get the biased Fact-Checkers off our backs and our reduced audience reach/shadow ban will eventually go away.
We are nostalgic for the good old days of Facebook where opinions were freely expressed and debated without interference or penalty.

I hope followers of iloveco2 are continuing to enjoy nature’s gift of abundant energy and are being good environmentalists by returning as much life-giving CO2 as possible back to the atmosphere from where it was taken..
The admins at iloveco2 will be continuing to enjoy exposing and ridiculing the fatalism, superstition and gullibility of the climate prophets of doom.

You don’t have to hate Carbon Dioxide to love the planet.


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Anyone with an hour to spare will be rewarded by listening to this conversation between two great climate realist leaders, Alex Epstein and Naomi Seibt.
Naomi talks about the German governments threats to censor her for being “not friendly to the climate” and her plans to fight them in court.

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