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I have formed the opinion that; while all CO2 added to the atmosphere is a beautiful thing, the CO2 generated by the Merlin engine of the Spitfire..

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A good day for iloveco2, we now have 15000+ planet loving followers who dismiss the lies and pessimism of those who claim the climate is being..

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Opinion | Notable & Quotable: Changing the Entire Economy

Socialism masquerading as environmentalism! One of the architects of the “Green New Deal” confesses that saving the planet is just window..

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My View Of A Naturally Useless Oil Sands Outcrop

“As I type this on my laptop, surrounded by man-made abundance, I feel a profound reverence for the astonishing ability of the human mind to..

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New Zealand Taxpayers' Union

New Zealand continues on its journey to Green purgatory by taking from those that choose the internal combustion engine and giving to those who..

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