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Canada has dormant volcanoes. Climate change could wake them up | CBC Radio

No, this isn’t an article on the Onion. It’s real mainstream news on the good ol’ CBC. A volcano that’s been around for millions of years could..

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Glenn Beck

Don’t tell your Tesla friends. #triggered Not that there’s anything wrong with plant food CO2 in the first place, but even if you’re a member..

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Not to burst the bubble of the Global Warming Cultists, but a little research will show you that almost every extreme heat record achieved in..

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The Keeling Curve

Iloveco2 celebrates achieving 400 + ppm of essential, natural and beneficial Carbon Dioxide. A surprisingly unpolitical demonstration of the..

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We could go back and forth arguing semantics over which cars have a bigger #CO2 footprint than others, but that’s totally irrelevant. Because..

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