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Followers of iloveco2 are environmentalists that know that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the giver of life, not a destroyer of life, it is the secret ingredient in the hot sauce of molecules that make our world possible.

When we burn fossil fuels for energy we recycle CO2 back to the atmosphere from where it was taken by the miraculous process of photosynthesis millions of years ago. This gift of energy allows ordinary people to live- lives that were reserved only for Royalty a short few hundred years ago.

When we burn coal, oil or natural gas we are recycling CO2 that can be used again by photosynthesis to green the planet and help grow the crops that feed us, a truly beautiful and natural process.

While this human recycled CO2 is a good thing, it’s quantity is insignificant compared with natural variability. The continuing welcome and gentle increase in atmospheric CO2 during the COVID economic shut downs has proven this beyond doubt.
The reason for the gratifying continuing rise is that our planet is slowly warming as it emerges from the last ice age which is causing oceans to degass CO2.
The ice-comes and the ice-goes in cycles that last thousands of years and CO2 levels are following the temperature, not the other way around.

The current woke generation has been manipulated and indoctrinated into believing our insignificant contribution to this natural process will cause catastrophic climate change and damage the world for future generations.

It is our position that a warmer planet with increased CO2 will be a beautiful thing, that there is good reason to envy the environment the coming generations will inherit.

Todays generation has lost any appreciation of the graft most of the population had to endure before the fossil-fuel-powered-machines took over the labor, it would be a good wake-up-call for them to be given a taste of the horse and the wind powered ⛵️ world my grandparent’s lived in, throw in a dose of high school science on photosynthesis and they may find a new way of looking at things.

We are angry by the demonization of the miracle molecule to generate fear for political and ideological reasons.

It is possible we are living through the dying moments of what will, one day, be seen as a golden age of mass prosperity and individual freedom that is destined to become mythic in the eyes of future generations.

We should enjoy, to the max, what is left of this golden moment before the green grinches get their way.

You don’t have to hate CO2 to love the planet ❤️ 🌿 🌏


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