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I Love Carbon Dioxide

An excellent short read for the open-minded and climate-curious, take a one-minute-moment out of your busy day and consider the climate change drama from this perspective.

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DAILY NEWS 5 Aug 2020
Watching CO2 feed the world

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By David Wojick |August 1st, 2020|Climate

Watching a child grow is seeing carbon dioxide in action. Plants turn CO2 into the food we eat to live and grow on. “You can’t live on air” is a common saying but that is just what we do; we live on air and water.

Few people appreciate this amazing fact, that CO2 in the air is the global food supply. Our meat, fruit and veggies, also our candy and ice cream, milk and wine, are built almost entirely from carbon dioxide and water. Everything we eat and drink.

There is also a bit of nitrogen, to make protein, plus a bunch of trace minerals and vitamins, but you and I are basically composed of processed H2O and CO2.

We should be very thankful that this CO2 food supply is increasing every year, along with our hungry mouths. Instead the climate alarmists want to reduce it, supposedly to make the weather better. This is truly stupid. Carbon dioxide is feeding the world, more every year. The last thing we want to do is reduce the global food supply.

The chemistry is complex but the facts are simple (and miraculous). Plants use the energy of sunlight to transform CO2 and water into their food. They both live and grow on this food, just as we do. Animals eat the plants and each other, then we eat both. Thus we all live on processed carbon dioxide.

It is no accident that we exhale water and carbon dioxide. We are simply completing what is called the carbon cycle when we do this. Our bodies use some of the CO2 based food for the energy they need to live and this returns the carbon dioxide and water to their original form. All living things exist this way.

Carbon cycle: CO2 (+ water) in —> Life—> CO2 (+ water) out.
Life is a CO2 based miracle.

It is a tragedy of ignorance that almost no one knows about this miracle. I have seen school lessons that actually teach the carbon cycle without mentioning carbon dioxide. They talk as though plants get their food from the ground, not the air.

Even worse, CO2 is demonized as air pollution. The world’s food supply cannot be pollution. How stupid is that!

To correct this ignorance it might be useful to label our foods with the amount of carbon dioxide they embody. We already label them for calories, fat, vitamins and such. People should learn how much CO2 they eat every day and be thankful for it.

Water is plentiful in most places, but carbon dioxide is scarce everywhere. For every million molecules of air only about 400 are CO2. That plants can actually find and consume these scarce molecules is amazing in itself. That all life ultimately feeds on these molecules is even more amazing.

A hundred years ago there were less than 300 molecules per million but happily that number has increased steadily. Plant productivity has increased accordingly, helping to feed our growing population. This is called the greening of planet Earth.

The climate alarmists have people calculating their so-called “carbon footprint” which is how much CO2 they cause to be generated. Everyone should be proud of their carbon footprint; it is helping feed the world. Make it bigger, not smaller.

For more on the miracle of carbon dioxide, check out the CO2 Coalition. For a lot of the science see the CO2 Science website.

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A technical presentation from Science Matters, the report summary below.

The massive fluxes from natural sources dominate the flow of CO2 through the atmosphere. Human CO2 from burning fossil fuels is around 4% of the annual addition from all sources. Even if rising CO2 could cause rising temperatures (no evidence, only claims), reducing our emissions would have little impact.

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Open letter to Mark Zuckerberg from iloveco2.

Dear Mark,

Are you in control of Facebook?

Like millions of others I watched your recent testimony in front of the USA Congress, where you stated that;

“Facebook does not want to be the arbiter of truth”

I would really like to believe you, but while you were saying that, your fact-checkers were roaming around Facebook and judging true or false and punishing people they don’t agree with.

Thus, one can only conclude, what you are saying, and what you are doing are two entirely different things.

Since 2009 our small page has enjoyed being part of the Facebook community of independent voices expressing ourselves on subjects we are passionate about.
We have grown with you and have great respect for the amazing and always improving technology produced by your company.

For 11 years our page has been expressing a scientific opinion that humans have little effect on the climate, it is contentious, but we and many others have done our research and arrived at our conclusions.

For 11 years, with little controversy, we have tried to add some balance and levity to the climate debate, however your fact-checkers have discovered us now and we have been labeled “untrue” and we have been sentenced to the Facebook equivalent of life imprisonment, ie., an ongoing shadow-ban on our page.

We tried to appeal the ruling, we even changed our page designation from media to opinion, but this was insufficient for your truth-police

You also stated to Congress and the millions watching;

“our goal is to offer a platform for all ideas”

But you did just the opposite when you authorized your fact-checkers to arbitrarily judge which ideas are acceptable or not.

My hope is that you are just out-of-touch with what your fact-checkers are actually doing and this letter will encourage you to reign them in and stop the malicious shadow banning.

Did you really intend for them silence one side of a scientific debate that has been happening for 30 years, censure scientific opinion?

Mark, its up to you and only you can do it. Show the world you mean what you say, show that you are in control of your company rather than the ideological bullies that are damaging the great platform that you and your team have built.

For the sake of diversity of thought, open debate and the free exchange of ideas and opinions and just basic fairness, please save Facebook from the fact-checkers.

You don’t have to hate CO2 to love the planet.


Cole Ryan 🌿

and our 19,500 followers.

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5 minute video with the great Dr Patrick Moore.

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