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Celebrating human ingenuity and technology combined with our amazing planets gift of affordable and abundant energy is how we do earth day at..

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Canada’s Climate Change Policies Are Affecting Its Economy When it Comes to Resource Development

It’s very sad to watch misguided green ideology stop a country benefiting from the gift of its natural resources, the demonization of natural,..

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Alberta readies to cut B.C. fuel shipments in Canada pipeline row

It’s a mixed up world in Canada at the moment, iloveCO2 is on the Alberta side of the debate and supports stopping the supply of energy to British..

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Los Angeles Dishing Out $40,000-a-Mile Street Coating to Fight Climate Change

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Debunking Climate Alarmists' Talking Points | Climate Dispatch

Our friends at CFACT’s position on CO2 The conjecture of climate computer modeling is a main theme. https://climatechangedispatch.com/debunking-climate-alarmists-favorite-talking-points/

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