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I can’t wait until these protests happen in Canada next. Axe the Carbon Tax because there is nothing more fraudulent to taxpayers than a tax..

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14,000 abandoned wind turbines litter the united states

The abandoned wind turbines should be left as monuments for future generations to ponder mankinds vulnerability to propaganda and superstition…

287 likes, 55 comments1 day ago

Mike Hosking: It's a simple fact, we currently need fossil fuels

Madness is importing coal from other countries when you have hundreds of years supply of it under your feet at home. Just another sad step in..

123 likes, 17 comments3 days ago

Bill McKibben loses his mind – says planet is going to boil

Rabid Eco-Doomer Bill McKibbin has lost his marbles. His sanctimonious sermons on how a little extra CO2 is going to destroy the planet were..

31 likes, 21 comments4 days ago

Rex Murphy: The UN climate-change panel that cried wolf too often

It would take a master of the abacus to tot up how many “deadlines” and “last chances” and “tipping points” and “if-we-don’t-act-NOW-it-will-be-too..

128 likes, 11 comments1 week ago

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