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It’s a tough time for freedom loving people everywhere.

iloveco2 opinion, from the lockdown couch, a 2 minute read.

The nanny state is on steroids, it seems petty bureaucrats with any authority are using the virus crisis to boost their egos and impose their will on their fellow humans.

If your in New Zealand, you are not allowed to use your boat, this is in a flu epidemic!
In Canada a woman has had her car confiscated and fined $700 for being in a park.
Florida and Australia no beach time for you....

Shutting down our free societies is an eco-doomers wet-dream and it’s been delivered to them by the flu epidemic, the calls for it to continue have started.
“If we can do this for the virus crisis, why can’t we do it for the climate crisis”

The only possibly positive thing to come from all of this is a heightened awareness of the fragility of our civilization and freedoms.

New Zealand and the USA have elections coming soon and it’s not unreasonable to project that voters will still be bruised enough by the pointless removal of being able to self isolate on a beach or a boat or a park, and that will make a difference at the ballot box.
It may have made a difference to Canada’s recent decision to retain their ( Carbon Dioxide tax increasing) leader Justin Trudeau, but it’s too late now.

If this pointless authoritarianism continues beyond the virus threat and the coming elections, then something has to change, probably civil disobedience on a scale like the yellow jackets protests in France, or mass disobedience of the bureaucracy’s most pathetic decisions, eg no traveling without a permit (Germany).

Nancy Pelosi’s recent attempt at imposing the Democrat Party’s economy destroying Green New Deal in the USA is another reminder of the warming-lefts desire for control of our lives.
Love him or hate him, the USA has a freedom loving President and a small majority in the senate, this is all that stands between a Nancy-Nanny-State in the USA, and the eco-anarchy it would bring, which in this author’s opinion would again sow the seeds of secession.

However, this may all turn out for the best, Europe now cannot afford its own green-new-deal, Greta is off the front page, and even extinction rebellion have pulled their “take action now” heads in.

On a day to day basis, I hope followers of iloveco2 will be taking advantage of the break from the normal routines of our lives.
My friend, and fellow admin, Justin, in Vancouver can still fill his mobile home with cheap Saudi gasoline and get out of town for a break in the great Canadian wilderness , and here in San Francisco we can still play tennis and ride our bikes and use the parks.

You don’t have to hate Carbon Dioxide to love the planet.

The ballot box awaits.


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