AGW Petition Update: 406 More Scientists Sign Their Names To Deny Global Warming Claims

By Justin C,
The fight is heating up, while the Earth is still cooling down. Are you scared yet, Al Gore?

The addition of 406 new scientist signatories now brings the total up to 31,478 scientists and 9,029 PhDs who completely refute alarmist claims and agree that increased CO2 is beneficial to our planet. Furthermore, this is just one of many such petitions and declarations all stating the same thing, signed by thousands of scientists around the world.

Where is your so-called “consensus”, Mr. Gore? Surely you don’t mean to say that the 52 highly-paid UN IPCC scientists politicians who draft your scary media reports and the handful of other biased scientists on government and green industry payrolls are your “consensus”.

Funny, I thought I heard you and Obama say “the debate is over” at least a few hundred times combined. That has become a typical response whenever you’re faced with scientific backlash and facts you cannot argue. Which seems to be almost every day now.

Read the statement and summary of peer-reviewed research HERE.

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