Climategate Round-Up #3

It’s Black Friday in America, and you can bet that the mood of climate alarmists is as dark when they discover that the holiday has done nothing to dampen public enthusiasm for ‘climategate’ news. Here’s the third Round-Up, you can see the first here and the second here. If you missed the regular edition of the Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, it’s here. Enjoy.

The Leak/Hack

The San Francisco Chronicle covers the ‘hack’ but fails to look at what the released emails and data might mean. The paper interviewed a series of invested climate scaremongers to assure the Left Coasties that there is nothing to see here, move along. As goes the UK climate science credibility, so goes Middle Earth’s too? If you don’t yet understand why the leak/hack is such big news, it’s because the people are involved shape the science, and the debate. Here is an excellent chart that shows the relative email hierarchy of those exposed in the CRU leak.

The Inconvenient Emails/Data

The leaked CRU emails exposed bad behaviour, the code exposes junk science manipulated beyond the point where even the manipulators cannot figure out if it means anything:

I am very sorry to report that the rest of the databases seem to be in nearly as poor a state as
Australia was. There are hundreds if not thousands of pairs of dummy stations, one with no WMO
and one with, usually overlapping and with the same station name and very similar coordinates. I
know it could be old and new stations, but why such large overlaps if that’s the case? Aarrggghhh!
There truly is no end in sight.

The Willis Eisenbach connection. If you don’t know ’bout Willis, read the link. Steve McIntyre explains the now infamous ‘trick’ to hide the decline. What do the emails show, apart from bullying and data manipulation? How about total disregard for the scientific process. The motely CRU’s emails and garbage code has all been too much for James Delinpole, in fact he’s so excited that he’s comparing the leak with the fall of the Berlin Wall, then writes something about zombie Reagan. Good times. The evidence of AGW that, well, wasn’t. The UN IPCC decided that hiding the decline was perfectly fine. Has the UK whitewash already begun? Remember this old adage, it’s not the crime that kills you, it’s the cover-up.

The CRU Hack/Leak in the Media

The US Congress has started an investigation into the CRU leak, which might be very bad news for Michael Mann. Phil Jones, the head of the CRU and the man that vowed to delete data before releasing it to skeptics, dismisses that there is any conspiracy. Well, that clears that up then, shall we all go to Hopenchangen as scheduled? Piers Corbyn stomped over Russian TV with a mighty interview, and then very nicely dropped by the Daily Bayonet in the comments. Andy and Michael, sitting in a tree…. Fun with Fox: .. The Age finds that climate scaremongers were caught out. The BBC, blew a bona fide scoop on the CRU leak and prefers to peddle the scaremongering. Get active and start calling your local political representative, it’s the only way to slay the green giant. CNN finally gets around to mentioning climategate, which is disturbing because it can only mean that nothing devastating happened to a celebrity today.

Hippie Heads Explode

Delingpole examines the squirming alarmists as they struggle to comprehend how their cozy little climate con exploded into the public eye. A sure sign that the apocalypse is near is when it is left to George Monbiot be the only lefty talking sense about the fallout from the CRU leak. It’s good job that skeptics have enough red meat from the CRU leak, because the weather hysterics want us to give up our steaks ‘to save the planet’. Carol ‘never put anything in writing‘ Browner sees nothing to concern her from the CRU leak. Color me shocked. Michael Mann responds to the CRU leak, and in some small way throws the motley CRU under the bus. He’s still staying quiet about why the Miami Vice movie was so bad. The climate alarmists strike back at the viral #climategate Twitter with the lamest tag ever – swifthack. They think it’s clever because they despise Marc Morano for his part in destroying JFKerry’s run at President, but of course, you’d have to know that for their tag to make sense, and most folks don’t remember Kerry at all. Michael Mann has re-discovered the Medieval Warm Period. Oh noes. Ed Begley, funnier than all hell trying to defend the cause he’s wasted his recent life promoting and screaming about peer review. Grab popcorn.

CRU Hack/Leak Hottie

I mentioned Middle Earth above, in relation to New Zealand. You get it or you don’t, Google it. I wasn’t going to do this, but I couldn’t Elf myself. Here’s Liv Tyler: liv arwenSource

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  1. Excellent summary, and very entertaining.
    Denial is alive and well down here, but I'm doing my best to counter the media bias.
    I love your website name by the way 🙂
    Steve Netwriter (New Zealand)

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