Climategate Round-Up #5

Welcome to the 5th round-up of all things climategate. Global warming alarmists will deny that this post can exist because there is no such thing as climategate, otherwise they’d have seen it on CNN. Anyone interested in what’s really news, grab a beverage and continue reading, those interested in Tiger Woods or DC party crashers should watch CNN or lobotomize themselves with a salmon, it’s your choice.

Climategate Data & Fallout

One of the things exposed in the leaked documents and emails: ‘smug groupthink‘. The IPCC is tarnished by association with climategate ’scientists’, and may be too politicized to survive. It doesn’t help when you have a runaway railway engineer at the head of the IPCC making scaremonger quotes like this:

“There are enough technologies in existence to allow for mitigation,” he said. “At some point we will have to cross over and start sucking some of those gases [CO2] out of the atmosphere.”

An Army of Davids carry the climategate torch whilst the majority of the MSM studiously ignore it and pretend that Tiger Woods is news. Kudos to Fox for giving the issue real attention. The BBC paid a private green firm to indoctrinate train its presenters and staff on how to toe the Big Green line. Maybe the recently suspended Phil Jones can help out? Australia’s opposition leader lost his job over his plan to support the Rudd government’s ETS policy. Then that policy was destroyed by a climategate emboldened opposition under a new, skeptical, leader. It’s still not news? Dr. Tim Ball, who must feel vindicated by the CRU scandal, names names of those that perverted science in the name of a global warming ideology. Phil Jones, the CRU Director, steps down. It’s temporary pending the investigation by the EAU, but it’s a clear sign that there is substance to climategate, something the warmists have denied to date. CRU Help Clippy(Image h/t Theo Spark) Lord Monckton wasted no time, he’s got a book out on climategate already. Link to the PDF here. The IPCC should erase any work that relies on Phil Jones and CRU data. Pretty much all of it, then. John Holdren will be investigated for his links to climategate. Obama warms up the underside of his bus… Malpractice is an ugly word, but that’s what global warming scientists and their cheering section in politics and the media have conspired to achieve. If there is one academic that has earned respect during the climategate affair, it’s Judith Curry, the chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. See why she deserves respect here. A letter from her is here, and is equally fair. Perhaps this is the kind of person that can restore trust in science and the scientific process.

Climategate in the Media

Climategate makes the front page of the UK’s Daily Express:


Clive Crook in The Atlantic has second thoughts about just how serious the CRU scandal is:

The closed-mindedness of these supposed men of science, their willingness to go to any lengths to defend a preconceived message, is surprising even to me. The stink of intellectual corruption is overpowering. And, as Christopher Booker argues, this scandal is not at the margins of the politicised IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] process… It goes to the core of that process.

The global warming hoax/fraud/scam; it’s all unravelling now. Russia TV continues to scoop the major media networks, first they had Piers Corbyn now they have Peter Lilley decrying scientists who prefer to alter the facts than their theories: .. Margaret Wente thinks climategate is a PR disaster for global warmists. More importantly, it might have saved us from economic disaster that would surely follow any cap and trade treaties. Botch after botch after botch. The leaked HARRY_READ_ME.txt file blows the lid off any pretence the CRU ’scientists’ had to credible data. Will Heaven (yeah, him again) took a look at Delingpole’s traffic and blew a nut that maybe there are more skeptics than he thought:

I’m just an English graduate who recognises that the broad consensus among the world’s best climatologists is as follows: recent global warming is mostly caused by mankind’s emission of greenhouse gases. Delingpole, on the other hand, is slowly turning into a rather scary Dr Strangelove figure, whose bad science could help to usher the end of the world as we know it.

Heaven thinks that Delingpole is a pied-piper leading skeptics down a dangerous path that will lead to global warming destruction. What he fails to see is that the ‘broad consensus’ he so believes in is based on junk data. Repeat after me, Will: there is no such thing as global warming.

Hippie Heads Exploding

More details on the Penn State investigation into Michael ‘Stick’ Mann and his role in the CRU scandal. Perhaps the investigators might ask Mann why no-one told him what he was doing. Hollywood star Adam Baldwin (Jayne of Firefly) celebrates the CRU leak and skewers the Green Freak Hollyweird crowd. Climate alarmists, or weather hysterics, or dirty hippies – whatever your label du jour is – love to cite peer-review as the great defense of their science. Inconveniently, Mark Steyn skewers peer-review permanently. More peer review destruction here.

red alertred alert

Alarmists dismiss skeptics if they so much as accepted a free mug at a service station, claiming that it proved they were in the tank for Big Oil. Now that we know that climate scientists were on Big Green’s payroll, can we equally dismiss their work? It might be that the motley CRU were only the first domino to fall. New Zealand’s NIWA has some awkward questions to answer, now Albany and Queens Belfast are in the cross hairs too. A detailed look at how Queen’s Belfast have ducked and dodged to avoid providing requested data is here. In the light of the CRU leak, this is damning against academics involved in climate research. Some are still trying to spin the CRU scandal, claiming there is nothing to see. Oops, cometh the smackdown. More criticism of the now tainted peer-review process. The damage done to science by the motley CRU may be one of the lasting legacies of these over-zealous idealogues. Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change thinks he and his corrupt organization can survive the CRU scandal. He’s wrong, and it won’t be long before the hammer falls on those at the forefront of the global warming hoax, because the world has seen what’s behind the curtain. Obama’s mouthpiece says the science is settled, still. Obama’s record shows that he’ll ignore the climategate issue until he can’t, then it’ll go under the bus to join Van Jones, Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers. Louis Gray gets super-excited because she found a small error from a skeptic. The skeptic admitted the error, corrected it and explained how it happened, unlike the CRU. The difference is lost on her, I suspect.

Climategate Hottie

Adam Baldwin, star of Firefly, walks the skeptic side of the street, which makes him a fine fella in our book. Also fine, his Firefly co-star, Summer Glau: summer7 Thanks for reading.Source

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