Climategate Round-Up #7

Here’s a quickie round-up from the climategate world. No hottie today, you’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s round-up for the fleshy goodness.

The Leak/Hack

The odds are shortening that the ‘hack’ was in fact more of a ‘leak’. Toldya. If it’s true that some ’scientists’ received death threats over their involvement in Climategate, that’s appalling and I hope they catch a jail the jerks that would utter threats. But, exactly how many threats were issued? pssst

Climategate Inconvenient Emails/Data

Two investigations have been ;aunched as a result of the climategate leaks, one by the University of East Anglia into the behavior of Phil Jones and his motley CRU, and one by Penn State into Michael ‘Stick’ Mann’s involvement. But are the investigations impartial? It’s time to start the science over, and this time without dishonest manipulation. Canada’s ‘climate change ambassador’ suggest that the world should debate the solution to global warming rather than the science. Nevermind that the solutions are expensive and unnecessary if the science is meaningless. He’s just protecting his job, right? Fun (h/t Theo): .. The UK’s Met Office has found an excellent method for dealing with climategate – ignore it and keep on peddling the numbers as if nothing could be wrong with them. Climategate never happened, see? One scientist is certain that climategate is just the tip of the iceberg (heh) and that there are more revelations to come. The science is shaky, so Obama had the EPA label CO2 a danger to Americans. Which is like finding that seawater is lethal to dolphins, pure nonsense.

Climategate in the Media

The Washington Times notes media complicity in NOT covering climategate. CNN, while not perfect, is making up for the two weeks they took to get on the story: .. The American Physical Society is coming under pressure (again) to rescind its support for the global warming hoax in the wake of climategate. Andrew Bolt tried to elevate one of the motley CRU for his principles, only to find that the scientist in question didn’t need no stinkin’ principles.

Hippie Heads Hexploding

Dr. Tim Ball has a look at the Climategate Goon Squad. A lefty hates that Climategate won’t go away and blames ‘the right’ for pushing it. Heh, you’re welcome, hippies. UN IPCC Chief Pachauri takes on… err, UN IPCC Chief Pachauri. This is just too good, meet the neo-deniers. Thanks for reading.Source

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