3 thoughts on “CO2 Truth Alert: April 23, 2009 (Video)”

  1. this sort of stuff needs to be seen on TV. so many uneducated people out there who just dont get it and theyre willing to give up their freedoms over it. unreal!

  2. you're exactly right. Nobody ever thinks about the possibility of letting global warming just happen and to wait and see how bad it's going to be. Instead it's a foregone conclusion that "saving the temperature" trumps everything. Saving the temperature is more important than your freedoms, your money, your lifespan, and absolutely ANYTHING goes when it comes to averting it, any silly idea, any crazy scheme, from carbon rationing to taxes to depopulation, the doom of higher temperatures seems to be a "carte blanche" justification for any political change, even blatant communism and collectivism are discussed as possible "solutions" for this new "crisis". They've got to keep the hype and hysteria up and running to ram through their draconian "solutions" to the crisis.

  3. ^ You're right, except it's proven that CO2 doesn't cause global warming, it FOLLOWS global warming. And warming is caused by the …gasp…SUN.

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