Former Global Warmer Dissents

By Doug Plumb

I love truth.

Please trust me, I’m one of Al Gores Experts who signed the global warming list many years ago as one of the 2,000 “experts”. But I am smarter than the other signers on the list are because I just have a bachelors degree in engineering. I didn’t have to go get a masters or a Phd in climatology to be an expert and do all that schooling. People that become experts without schooling must be smarter than those who require schooling. Now as an expert I am telling you these people are liars.

If you believe in global warming, you must also believe the official version of 9/11, vaccines are good, chemtrails are being used to stop limit sunlight and slow global warming, pharmaceuticals are good and there is no need for nutrition in health, the government will protect you, everything you see on TV news is true, lawyers are there to protect your rights, doctors are here to save people, and you live in a “free country”

*OR* you just trust liars because they are the authorities and you are therefore a moron.

When the UN web site shows us that drug export for Afghanistan are at $700 billion, up from $40 billion just before the Afghan war and that one million slaves are bought and sold yearly they are BRAGGING !!!! These things are institutionalized. This is verifiable beyond any reasonable doubt and global warming is the biggest fraud in history is also verifiable for those who only trust schooled experts at . Nine thousand Phd’s have signed a note stating that global warming is a fraud.

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