Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, March 25th 2010

Al Gore upsets nerds and pervs in one week, we discover that eco-terrorists are Riverdance fans and dirty hippies want you to stop bathing, of course. This Saturday is Earth hour, so be a good skeptic and turn all the lights on and show the world you’re no hippie.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore is a genius. He found two new audiences this week, though perhaps not in the way he might have liked. First, the geek squad that is comic-con fears that an appearance at a competing event by manbearpig might wreck the nerdfest. Al only has to be in the vicinity for things to go wrong, jut wait until the Gore effect kicks in an the nerds are neck deep in global warming. Not only did Al get the attention of geeks, he also got the pervs. Penthouse magazine strips the covers off Climategate and exposes Al’s role in An Inconvenient Fraud. They also have the best picture of Gore since the last best picture of Gore:

Dr. Evil indeed

Penthouse sets up Al nicely for the dressing down that follows:

It was good to be Al Gore in the last part of the last decade. In the year 2000 he was the world’s biggest loser. By 2009 he was one of the world’s biggest winners after becoming the master of disaster. Flummoxed by his noninvention of the Internet and his nonelection as president of the United States, Gore found a winning hand in predicting the end of the world. In the process, he received an Oscar for his film An Inconvenient Truth, the Nobel Peace Prize, and millions of dollars through his interests in companies that dealt in “carbon credits.” Gore became more of a “Comeback Kid” than Bill Clinton ever was. For most of 2009, it was still good to be King Al. But late in the year, Al Gore’s beloved Internet betrayed him.

Al is going to California, where LA mayor Villasomethingorother will sign a ‘carbon reduction surcharge’, something that Al approves of but that will only make more people leave the state for business friendly regions like Texas. Al blogged that 2,000 scientists signed a call to the Senate for action on global warming. Apparently, the Goreacle still thinks that a large enough number of people in agreement offset the truth that there is no such thing as global warming. Also, inconveniently for Al, a lot of the signatories aren’t proper scientists, not yet anyway. Just in case 2,000 nearly-sciencytists isn’t enough to convince you that global warming is going to kill you, Al turned to renowned climate expert and villager Marisa Marcavillaca of Peru. I’m not kidding, he really did that. On purpose. Remember Waxman-Malarky? Now that the health care debate is over and Americans can look forward to the same non-access to care that we Canadians enjoy, the green agenda is back on the Washington radar. Al points to a screed by Ed Markey who touted the benefits of weatherization programs and solar power. He might have picked better programs that the two most troubled ones out there, but he’s a Democrat so he gets points for trying.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Elizabeth May, leader of Canada’s green party is upset that no-one is paying her any attention. She says so in the national media. Wait, what? Other Canadians believe that scientists are being muzzled or censored by new rules from the government. Considering the trouble that climate scientists are in around the world, the new rules might have saved some reputations, who knows? The group upset is called Climate Action Network Canada, so you just know that they’re a bunch of hippie communists. The Guardian decided that it was okay to write about catastrophic climate change again, but some commenters disagree:

You’re flogging a dead horse mate. The tipping point has arrived, as in over 50% of the public now believe that Man Made Global Warming has been grossly over-hyped and they are not buying your solutions to a non-problem. So you can shelve your megalomaniacal plans to complete overturn the economies of the developed world, it’s not going to happen.

Heh, I hope Marbellaboy reads this blog. Slate suggests that rabid climate sciencytists like global warming muppet Jim Hansen ‘chill out’:

Scientists are also susceptible to the biases of their own political ideology, which surveys show leans heavily liberal. Ideology shapes how scientists evaluate policy options as well as their interpretations of who or what is to blame for policy failures. Given a liberal outlook and strong environmental values, it must be difficult for scientists to understand why so many Americans have reservations about complex policies that impose costs on consumers without offering clearly defined benefits. Compounding matters, scientists, like the rest of us, tend to gravitate toward like-minded sources in the media. Given their background, they focus on screeds from liberal commentators which reinforce a false sense of a “war” against the scientific community.

One Liberal has actually suggested that there is something wrong with conservative brains that don’t allow them to accept the threat of global warming. The dysfunction might be called ‘independent thought’, something that Liberals are unfamiliar with. Next week, expect a lefty to be talking eugenics again, that’s where they are headed with this.

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