Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Aug. 7th 2009

By The Daily Bayonet

Another week draws to a close, which means another weekly round-up. Discover Greenwich’s dirty secret, Australia’s war on camels, what makes this the best time to be a skeptic and why Americans should pay attention to Spaniards. And don’t miss the bubbly goodness in Part Five. Grab your liquid of choice and dig in to the wonder that is the GWHWRU…

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore, the Tennessee titan of global warming, the savior of the scared and profiteer prophet to the pandering masses, has a problem. Mother Nature isn’t cooperating with the agenda. Apparently the halls of Gore Manor echo with cries of frustration, but enough of hanging chads. Preferring to ignore the cold outside, Al has been spreading the only green that matters around Washington to push the ‘climate crisis’ to his political chums. Al forgot to disclose any of his lobbying efforts when he testified in front of the Waxman-Malarkey panel, but hey, he’s a Democrat and that’s how they roll. These days at least. Many people have noticed that Al likes the limelight but prefers leaving the heavy lifting to others. Al’s reluctance to get physical was demonstrated this week as his old boss trudged to visit the King of the Norks to rescue Al’s Current employees. Now that the whole mess is safely over, Al finally gets around to mentioning the names of his employees. John Kerry, he of the long face, is famous for getting his arse handed to him by George Bush in an election. Just like Al. No wonder then that that the losers stick together. It’s like AV club all over again for Al and JK. Al applauds this nonsense from Kerry:

“…a handshake between Nixon and Chinese premier Zhou Enlai was enough to change the world. Today, the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter and history’s biggest emitter, China and America, must change the world again – and nothing less than a transformation of the energy economy will suffice.”

John and Al go antiquingJohn and Al go antiquing

For the Goreacle, allowing minion ex-bosses and fellow election losers to cover the hard stuff leaves him free to get after the big fish, like campaigning for a .eco domain. While you might expect me to mock this effort, in fact I have to support it. Because .eco would become the Internet equivalent of California – and we’d know where to find all the nuts. Nice and tidy. Conflicts of interest and Al Gore? :

Gore and other members of the Copenhagen Climate Council, including the world’s largest producer of wind turbines, Vestas, present their demands for carbon-trading schemes as altruistic efforts to clean up the planet. In truth, these green-leaning profit-making machines stand to gain significantly if the activities of their less green competitors are hampered by government demands.

Followers of Canada’s David Suzuki, the fruit-fly geneticist turned eco-totalitarian, are taken to the proverbial woodshed by a letter writer from rural Ottawa valley. That’s like Canada’s ‘deliverance’ country, or something.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

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