Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Dec. 17th 2009

It’s all gone Pete Tong for alarmists in Denmark as the curse of Brown descends and the inconvenience of climategate refuses to go away. Greenpeace was punk’d, Phelim was unplugged and Al Gore turned into the Gaffeinator. It’s all good clean fun in this, your last round-up of 2009. FYI, the latest Climategate Round-Up is here, and a Copenhagen Round-Up is here. The winner of the Most Alarming Alarmism by an Alarmist will be announced tomorrow, so if you haven’t voted yet, get to it.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al traveled to Hopenchangen in Copenhagen and made some ‘remarks’. He has a link to his own self on his blog, if you care to listen to him for 42 minutezzzzzzzzzz Copenhagen was supposed to be the crowning moment for the ecovangelist-in-chief, he even got to hang out with a man who won an election. Instead the world seemed more interested in Al’s gaffes:

It’s no wonder that Al refuses to debate, even if the people do want to see a cage match between him and Sarah Palin. Al is much more comfortable ducking hard interviews and hiding behind security thugs rather than face questions about his belligerent denial about the importance of Climategate: .. Bonny Prince Chuckles is also in Copenhagen, because the world needs to know what an inbred over-privileged and under-educated horse whisperer thinks about the planet. Or something.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Oh noes, global warming kills salmon. Add the delicious-when-barbecued pink fish to the list. You know why I hate dirty hippies? Because they want the rest of us to stop washing too. It’s called soap, hippies. Use it. As Copenhagen rolls on, the nastiest of all the activist pop their heads up. The anti-human ‘optimum populationists’ want a China-like one child policy for the whole world. No word yet from idiotarian Diane Francis on which of her two children will be sacrificed for Gaia. Did these folks not learn from Paul Ehrlich’s epic fail? Virtuous hippies might eco-shop, but they’re more likely to cheat and steal. Kinda like Prius drivers being more likely to cause a wreck. Everyone’s favorite eco-terrorist group Greenpeace got a taste of their own activism when skeptics boarded the Rainbow Warrior. Heh. How can you tell when a Green’s had enough? They drop the pretence at reason and start shouting and swearing. Profanity warning. Watermelon is a nice descriptor for green activists who are motivated by socialism. Not that the greens are exactly hiding their commie roots. Britain is doomed, there’s going to be no food and no water soon, so shut up and climb aboard the AGW bus. Monckton deconstructs a Greenpeace hippies world belief. Excellent fun: .. Will of the people, we don’t need no stinkin’ will of the people. Australia’s government was handed an embarrassing defeat over its ETS policy recently, but that can’t stop it. Zombie-ETS rises again. Joltin’ Joe Romm went nuts when Jon Stewart called ecomentalistism a neo-religion, but Stewart’s not the only one suggesting that notion. As most of the UK’s press focuses on Climategate, the Independent puts its fingers in its ears and pretends that the world will still buy the crap they peddled pre-CRU leak. Protests in support of Hopenchangen broke out all over the world. In Toronto, 250 people showed up and Tom giggles.Read the rest over at The Daily Bayonet!

7 thoughts on “Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Dec. 17th 2009”

  1. I'm not sure if global warming is true or not. I tend to think that more scientist agree with it than scoff at it. And that's probably where the debate should be conducted. In the whelm of science.
    Unless you are actively engaged in scientific research into global warming, your opinions are no better than Al Gore…another armchair climatologist.
    If you have cancer you don't turn to blogger or politician like Gore or a pundit like Beck to diagnose and suggest a cure.
    You turn to a doctor…and not just any doctor but an oncologist who specializes in the. If 10 oncologist in different parts of the world say you have cancer and 1 oncologist says "It's just in your head", who would you believe???
    Of course you could conclude that oncologist around the world are just trying to generate work for themselves…so they are conspiring together to deliver bad news.
    But I think that's a stretch

  2. I tried posting to one of Joe Romm’s blogs at Climae Progress but he seems to object to having sceptics’ comments posted. He obviously doesn’t like open debate, like many other environmental propagandists. Here is a relevant comment that I made elsewhere on 6th January.
    Yesterday I submitted quotations from Christopher Booker’s ‘The Real Global Warming Disaster’ (see my comment # 6124) to journalist Joe Romm’s Climate Progress blog (Note 1). True to form, this staunch environmentalist and supporter of The (significant human-made global climate change) Hypothesis “snipped” most of my comment. Joe Romm is renowned for his arrogance and bully-boy tactics against anyone who challenges The Hypothesis or his own opinions.

    Even the Australian Government’s chief climate science advisor and staunch environmentalist Barry Brook has challenged Romm’s position in his comments on a blog article (Note 2). This article starts with QUOTE: I’m rapidly losing patience with Joe Romm, whose self-righteous arrogance is, if anything, actually harming the cause of addressing global climate change UNQUOTE . Barry Brook said QUOTE I’ve come to the conclusion that Joe Romm is using climate change as a stalking horse for a distorted political agenda. .. Romm, on the other hand, is like a character out of Orwell’s 1984. His blog is all ‘newspeak’. UNQUOTE. (it should be remembered that Brook supports drastically cutting Australia’s lifestock farming industry, as seen in his presentation on the religious/vegetarian organisation SupremMaster’s TV broadcast (Note 3).

    In that same submission to Romm’s Climate Progress I suggested that he and his disciples look at the excellent A/V (Note 4) by sceptical Northern Ireland politician Sammy Wilson (see my comment # 6166) with QUOTE: Go on, let them enjoy and while you’re at it why not re-instate my earlier post, or don’t you like to hear sceptical opinion? UNQUOTE. Of course, none of that was allowed to remain on his blog.

    I then challenged Romm about this with
    QUOTE: Tut tut Joe, all this censorship. Come on, have courage. I see that you are not an universally respected individual on either side of the “significant human-made global climate change” debate. I had a look around the Internet and found that you:
    – upset Freakonomics by ridiculing “SuperFreakonomics” (Note 5) then unsuccessfully tried to put words into Ken Caldiera’s mouth in an attempt to substantiate what you’d said,
    – caused Keith Kloor (Note 6) to say QUOTE: So now I’m tempted to go back and look at stories that Romm’s been quoted in, say, the last year, and ask those journalists if they ever fed Romm a quote. I suspect that Romm is trying to rationalize his own behavior with the kind of lazy practice that perhaps happened with regularity in a past era–maybe even at the Times Herald Record in the 1960s and 1970s, which is where Romm first learned all about journalism, when his parents were at the helm of that Hudson Valley paper. UNQUOTE,
    – apparently unreasonably criticised Professor Roger Pilke Jnr. (Note 7) then shied away from joining him in debate,
    – were accused the Breakthrough Institute of being a bully (Note 8) from which I QUOTE: There will always be bullies like Joe Romm—they are not the problem. It is the establishment figures who goad them on, and the bystanders who could speak up but do not, fearing the consequences of doing so. If we are to move to real solutions to global warming, and protect some level of basic human decency, Joe Romm and his enablers must be challenged. For Climate McCarthyism isn’t just bad for climate policy, it’s anathema to liberal and democratic values. UNQUOTE.

    I love the comment QUOTE: I am .. skeptic .. I’ve read quite a bit of Romm’s work and have found him to be a bully whose main argument against solid positions is simply to call the person a liar. .. I have long felt Romm does more harm than good for your side of the argument. UNQUOTE.

  3. PART 2

    Do you really believe that “I want to trash them for this insanity and ignorance” is the proper manner in which to conduct debate? Then again, there are those who believe that journalists, like politicians, are not too concerned about their tactics as long as the objective is achieved.

    I came across some interesting comments about you at DiscoverMagazine (Note 9), e.g. QUOTE: .. Joe Romm’s Climate Progress is a complete joke; they censure like the Catholic Church, circa 10th century. .. Romm’s self-righteous arrogance soundly and rationally trashed here .. UNQUOTE.

    Romm now refuses to post any of my comments, which does say rather a lot about the basis of Mr Romm’s opinions. Bullies just run away from a challenge.

    Best regards, Pete Ridley, Human-made global climate change agos(cep)tic

  4. I tried to post the NOTES gong with my earlier two comments but they were rejected. I try again in stages;


    1) see
    2) see
    3) see (the A/V is not available there any more but can be seen at
    4) see at

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