Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Dec. 10th, 2009

Has the Universe forsaken Al Gore? Why did the Nepalese cabinet climb the mountain and what’s the Sun been up to these days? For Climategate news look here and here, and don’t miss your chance to vote in the Most Alarmist Alarmism by an Alarmist Awards.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore is a man of many talents, and now we can add poet to the list. It’s not as bad as Vogon poetry, but it’s close. Unfortunately, getting facts straight is a talent that still eludes the global warming propheteer. Earlier in the week, before he jetted off to Hopenchangen in Copenhagen, Al canceled the event at which wealthy lemmings would pay $1200 for a book and a handshake. The Danes aren’t happy about it, and you don’t want the Danes mad at you, unless you like being pillaged. The Universe has turned its back on the Goreacle, but did it moon him or was that Uranus? You might remember that Saint Al of Gore was awarded an Oscar for his fictional documentary featuring stunning CGI. Well, some folks want their golden boy back. a gore story How has Al reacted to Climategate, the single biggest threat to his goal of becoming the world’s first carbon-billionaire? Badly, actually. He went on in later interviews to deny the deniers, which is just strange when you think about it. Unfortunatelty, Al got his facts wrong in that interview too. And he was nearly President… makes you wonder, no? Big Al won the real thing, but Canada’s poor widdle David Suzuki has to make do with an ‘alternative’ Nobel Prize. You know that just burns his hippies butt. Between bad sign reading and canceling lucrative events, Al had time to blog and congratulate the Air Force on a large solar project. Hopefully it won’t have the same bad economics as the Nellis AFB project:

President Obama traveled to Nellis AFB to celebrate their use of solar power. Now for the inconvenient truth; the 72,000 solar panels cost $100 million and saves the Air Force $1.2 million annually. So it’ll pay for itself in about 83 years. What a shame the useful life of a solar panel is only 20 years.

Is it possible that Al Gore can bend time? Or can he just not use a calendar? Proving that he is unable to jump on any passing bandwagon, Al jumped on the Palin-bashing wagon and called Sarah Palin a global warming denier. She responded, of course:

Vice President Gore, the Climategate scandal exists. You might even say that it’s sort of like gravity: you simply can’t deny it.

Ouch, that’s a 2-minute penalty for high-sticking-it-to-the-man for the hockey mom.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

We were warned this week (and in 2006, 2007, twice) that we only have 10 years to save the world. Well, throw those optimistic timelines out the window, an Aussie scientist says we only have 5 years left. Tom’s had enough. The eco-terrorist group Greenpeace invaded the Canadian Houses of Parliament with another vacuous protest. It’s time to give the dopes serious jail time in a cell next to Big Jacques, and let him show them how warming works. An alarmist in the UK’s Independent (of thought, methinks) indulges in some wish-fulfilment fantasy. You know what makes as much sense as holding a cabinet meeting underwater? Holding one on Everest, that’s what. As nations continue to up the ante in stupid stunts to get attention, can it be long before the first cabinet meeting in a volcano? Now that’d be a political move we could all support.

where's a Eiger Sanction when you need one?where’s an Eiger Sanction when you need one?

The Greens hate brown people. The mask slipped in Copenhagen this week, and the despicable OPT is overt about it. The Obama White House hates the environment, pictured at the link. Alarmist geezers say that geysers are doomed by global warming. You know what comes next, add it to the list. The EPA turned its back on science in favor of politics and declared CO2 a hazardous substance. Trees, plants hardest hit. epa gag Don Surber lists 15 reasons why people fell for the global warming hoax. Cut it out and ask your local dirty hippie which one applies to them, for fun results. An excerpt:

1. The pseudo-intellectuals fell for it because none of them ever cracked a science book.
2. The policy wonks fell for it because it gave the government more control.
3. The bleeding hearts fell for it because they always want to save the Earth.
4. The communists fell for it because it portrayed capitalists as destroying the Earth to make money.
5. The capitalists fell for it because they saw a new way to make money.
6. The Hollywood crowd fell for it because it made their pampered lives seem to have a meaning and purpose.

Of course, pretty soon it will be hard to find anyone that will admit to believing in global warming.Read the rest over at The Daily Bayonet!

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