Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, May 22nd 2009

By The Daily Bayonet

Thursday, so we’re off to the races with another round-up. I was asked if I’m dateslexic because the post is dated for Fridays, but issued Thursdays. Call me quirky and see if I care, it’s just the way it is. Get beveraged up, there’s 100+ links of skeptilicious waiting for you. Part One: Al Gore & Friends The world was doubly blessed this week when Saint Al of Tennessee posted not once, but twice on his blog. In his first entry, Al descended from the mountain in his Prius to declare that he had seen the actions of The One, and that they were good. In the bonus second coming post, the Goreacle declared this week to be an important one, almost as important as the civil rights movement his dear old dad opposed. Alarmists dun gone country and headed to Nashville y’all. Unfortunately they went not for the Grand Ole Opry but for the Grand Ole Hoaxfest. Al Gore reminded everyone that he is not just the hippies spiritual leader in the struggle to enrich himself, he also used to be a lying scumbag politician. CNN’s John Roberts was momentarly seized by skeptical space aliens in a brain control ray and was forced to ask Al Gore an awkward question. Fortunately while Al was on screen not answering it, Roberts was fitted with a counter space alien ray hat and normal service resumed.

how CNN was savedhow CNN was saved

Al Gore, home town zero. Profit Al was asked another awkward question this week, but it was on the Internet, not on TV. Everyone knows that Al is not required to answer questions asked on the Internet, because he invented it and is therefore immune. It was a good question though. Part Two: AGW Scaremongers One of the scaremongers-in-chief, and muppet, Jim Hansen is roasted for his inability to make accurate forecasts. It’s not easy being green.

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