Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, June 19th 2009

By The Daily Bayonet

Find out what the left’s new segregation is all about, and why the future crimes department of corrections might want to lock you up for harboring naughty global warming thoughts. Still dare to be skeptical? Step right on up, it’s linkage you can believe in, with 10% added snark. But wait, read it now and I’ll include the global hottie for FREE. Part One: Al Gore & Friends Profiteer prophet Al Gore, blessed eco-blogger, is taking his talking points from newspaper ads. Only died-in-the-wool green zealots or hopeless lefties could fail to see the irony of demanding cap and bend-over laws while making this argument:

“But when it comes to preparing our country to compete in the clean energy economy, the U.S. is losing and we lag far behind our global competitors. Even as our inventors create new technologies, we often lose them to overseas markets that have supportive government policies and incentives.”

Wasn’t BJ Clinton, Al’s ex-boss, that coined the phrase “It’s the Economy, Stupid” ? He might have a couple of employees languishing in a NorK prison, but that can’t stop Al from moving Current TV into Canada. Gore supporters take note, you too may be under bussed and forgotten this quickly. Repower America has a new commercial in which a grizzled old farmhand tells us to ‘get real’. See, farmers can talk hippie too. Big Tom call the funding for the ads ‘mysterious’. He ain’t kidding.

I believe the horse, personallyhey Mr. Ed, why the long face?

The patron saint of global warming will not be celebrated with a statue in Tennessee after all. Good decision, since one of the two founded the infinitely corrupt United Nations and the other is Al Gore, it was only a matter of time before the effigies were given the full Saddam anyhow. Newsbusters asks whether the weather will crack Al’s credibility, to which I snort and ask ‘what credibility?’ The Goreacle has 1 million acolytes on Twitter. I’m not the sharpest hammer in the toolbag, but a million sounds like a lot. Al was moved so deeply by reaching the milestone that he blessed the masses with this statement: “Wow”. People swooned. Really. Meanwhile, Al has found time in his busy schedule to follow 8 people. Seven of them he has direct ownership in, and the eighth, some Obama fella, could be described as a wholly-owned subsidiary (see Part Two). Meanwhile, let’s check in with Canada’s own lovable raving moonbat hippie communist, David ‘jail ‘em’ Suzuki. DS had a busy week. First he persuaded a food store to stop selling unsustainable fish, then he pondered what to do with GM now that ‘we’ own it. Let’s peek into the hippie mind and see what’s going on in there:

…even private automobiles may eventually be a thing of the past; the idea of using of a tonne of metal and many litres of fossil fuel to get one person to the grocery store or work is more than a bit absurd.

Bingo! That’s the kind of thinking that will save GM!

I don't know what 'onfoods' are, but save them anywayI don’t know what ‘onfoods’ are, but save them anyway

Doc Suzuki was given a great honor this week when construction started on Canada’s First Eco-Indoctrination Camp for moppets. It’s being named after him, the eco-totalitarian in chief. It brings a tear to the eye. Sniff. Part Two: AGW Scaremongers The UK Met Office dropped any pretense at scientific impartiality and offered local forecasts for flood, fire and pestilence created by global warming. But they still can’t tell you what the weekend will be like.
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