Green Tea Party!

  • Location: Lafayette Park, Washington DC
  • Date: Saturday, September 26, 2009
  • Time: 1:00 – 5:00 PM

T.A.G. ( will be hosting the nation’s first Green Tea Party!
T.A.G. was formed in 2009 to respond to the constant barrage of misinformation currently available regarding climate change. Our hope is to bring commonly ignored, scientific facts into the mainstream dialogue about environmental change.The Green Tea Party planning committee has attracted Author, Steven Milloy, who wrote Green Hell, and has been featured on the Glenn Beck Program. Mr. Milloy is also the founder and publisher of, a website devoted to defending the truth of science.Also included in our program at the Green Tea Party are:~International documentarians, Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer who recently completed Not Evil Just Wrong, a rebuttal film aimed at uncovering the falsehoods presented in Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth.~Andrew Langer, creator of the Institute for Liberty, an organization whose initiatives include Truth in Voting, which promotes the reading of legislation prior to it’s passage into law; and Liberty Belles, an organization designed to empower and inform concervative women on political issues.~Charles Lollar, Chairman of New Day Maryland, a group of Republicans, Democrates and Independents who are working together to achieve the goals of less government involvement and fewer taxes in the lives of Marylanders. ~~~~~~The Green Tea Party is still adding to our list of guests and is awaiting news from potential headlining speakers and musical entertainers who have expressed an interest in our cause. Please plan to attend this event and spread the word so that we may have a large turnout.We also seek financial donors, please strongly consider how you can assist or support this effort. If you able to contribute financially or offer a contact or other assistance, please contact Nancy Sabater, Chair, at, (301) 751-0006. Thank You & We Hope To See You There!

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