Not Evil Just Wrong is the film Al Gore and Hollywood don’t want you to see. It reveals the true human cost of Global Warming hysteria.

Global warming alarmists want everyone to believe that humans are killing the planet. But Not Evil Just Wrong, a new documentary by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, proves that the only threats to America (and the rest of the world) are the flawed science and sky-is-falling rhetoric of Al Gore and his allies in environmental extremism. The film drives home the realities of that extremism. “Turn off your lights. Turn off your heat when you get cold. Turn off your air when you get hot,” one man on the street says. “And then think about that.” Not Evil Just Wrong warns everyone that their jobs, modest lifestyles and dreams for their children are at stake. Industries that rely on fossil fuels will be crippled if the government imposes job-killing regulations on an economy already mired in recession. Small towns in the heartland, like Vevay, Ind., will become bastions of unemployment and poverty. Breadwinners like Tim McElhany in Vevay will lose their jobs — and will have to start borrowing money again just to buy bread for their families. The damage that would be wrought is unjustified by the science. Not Evil Just Wrong exposes the deceptions that experts, politicians, educators and the media have been force-feeding the public for years. Man-made pollution is not melting the polar icecaps. The ocean will not rise 20 feet in a flash. And the only polar bears dying because of man are the ones who try to eat men. McAleer and McElhinney debunk what for a time was the environmental movement’s most powerful weapon of disinformation, the infamous “hockey stick” graph that attributed a supposedly unique burst of warming in the 20th century to humans. They also shatter the myth that the hottest years in the United States were 1998 and 2006. The hottest year was 1934, and the hottest decade was the 1930s — when there were half as many people and no SUVs or jumbo jets. But environmentalists like actor Ed Begley Jr. and Leo Murray of Plane Stupid, who appear in the film, won’t tell you that. Instead, Begley sheds phony tears for ex-cons who are offered “green” jobs, and Murray decries air travel as the modern world’s worst indulgence. Their hysterical claims have fooled many people into believing that carbon dioxide, an element that is essential to life, is poison. Organizations like Greenpeace, whose excesses are roundly condemned in Not Evil Just Wrong by founding member Patrick Moore, persistently push the same kind of propaganda that prompted world leaders to ban DDT. They believed environmentalist Rachel Carson’s doomsday scenarios about the mosquito-killing chemical, and millions of children in the Third World may have been infected by malaria and died as a result. The documentary notes that the World Health Organization lifted its ban on DDT in 2006, but Al Gore and his allies will not accept that verdict any more than they will accept the science that discounts theories about global warming. They are determined to blame humans for everything.

Host Your Own Premiere

Make it your very own Cinematic Tea Party Hollywood doesn’t want you to see Not Evil Just Wrong. But we’ve decided to by-pass Hollywood. We’re throwing the world’s largest simultaneous film premiere party in history. How? By having the parties simultaneously occur worldwide on October 18th at 8 pm EST. Who’s invited: You, your family, your friends, people who’ll absolutely love and people who’ll absolutely hate the documentary and therefore must see it. When: October 18th, 2009 Time: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST Location: Your home, community center, church or wherever you and your friends and family normally gather. What you have to do: Once you receive your premiere pack you are honor bound not to press the play button until 8pm EST on Oct 18 – we want everyone watching the film at the same time so we have a shot at breaking the World Record for largest ever simultaneous movie premiere. At 8pm, you will be part of a national movement watching the most important and most controversial film of the year. Hosting essentials: We’ll send along a premier party package. Our party packs contain everything you need to transform your home for this cinematic tea party. Each pack contains a film poster, invitations, a DVD of Not Evil Just Wrong and your very own piece of red carpet that you can roll out for your friends. But we’re counting on you to bring the popcorn, put the poster on your front door, and roll out that red carpet. Be part of a World Record at home with friends on October 18 with this red carpet Premiere Party Pack…CLICK HERE!

NOT EVIL UPDATE – August 25, 2009

We made an online splash last week with our exclusive report about Greenpeace’s outgoing leader being caught in a lie about melting Arctic ice. The story damaged Greenpeace’s reputation and forced the group into a rare retreat and “clarification” on its Web site.
In July, Greenpeace published a story that said the Arctic would be ice-free by 2030, but executive director Gerd Leipold admitted that was a mistake when pressed by Stephen Sackur of BBC. “I don’t think it will be melting by 2030. … That may have been a mistake,” he said on BBC’s “Hardtalk.”
Greenpeace issued its clarification after the blogosphere exploded with the news. The pro-environmental blog at the left-wing Guardian newspaper acknowledged that “Greenpeace will be bruised by this furor” because of the group’s admission that it intentionally emotionalizes issues to sway public opinion.
Blogs at The New York Times, the Telegraph and Canada Free Press also touted our exclusive. The Telegraph called the BBC clip embedded in our story “a deliciously watchable video of Gerd Leipold … squirming like a stuck pig.”
Our revelation about Leipold’s admission inspired editorials in Investor’s Business Daily and the Kansas City Star. IBD cited the news as the latest piece of evidence that environmentalists are “willing to bend the truth in order to draw attention to the cause,” and the Star opined that “people like Leipold embody environmentalism’s crabbed vision and subtle authoritarianism.”
The interest in our story proves that people don’t want that kind of authoritarianism. Our video clip of Leipold on YouTube quickly went viral and has been viewed more than 50,000 times. YouTube itself praised the video as “a fantastic watch” on its Citizentube blog.
Major blogs like Big Hollywood, Instapundit, Hot Air, and the blogs of Fox News’ Sean Hannity and current Times best-selling author Michelle Malkin also praised the story for shining a light on Greenpeace’s scare tactics.
The coverage has exposed hundreds of thousands of people to one small kernel of truth about global warming hysteria, but that’s just a start. All of those people, and millions more, need to see “Not Evil Just Wrong” to absorb the depth of the deception by radical environmentalists.
That’s the last thing Greenpeace wants, which explains why the group tried to spin last week’s revelation by orchestrating a fake, online grassroots campaign. We can’t let them win, and you can help us fight the ongoing global warming alarmism in a couple of ways: 1) Become an affiliate and earn cash by selling the film on your Web site; and 2) host a premiere party in your home on Oct. 18 and be a part of America’s first and best cinematic tea party.
We continue working toward the premiere by promoting the film at every opportunity. Last week, we gave a sneak screening to select bloggers and journalists in Washington at the office of Americans for Tax Reform.
Phelim made the following radio appearances: “Clash Radio,” a nationally syndicated program of the Information Radio Network; “The Phil Valentine Show” in Tennessee; “The Don Kroah Show” in Arlington, Va.; “Mornings with Ray Dunaway” in Farmington, Conn.; “The Chuck Wilder Show” in Chino, Calif.; and “Take AIM,” the weekly BlogTalkRadio show of Accuracy In Media.
Phelim started this week with back-to-back radio appearances. On Sunday, he was a guest on the nationally syndicated “The Source with Paul Anderson,” and he talked about global warming hysteria on “Richmond’s Morning News with Jimmy Barrett” on Monday.
Please help us keep the momentum going by promoting the film on your Web sites and making plans to join us in the largest-ever simultaneous movie premiere on Oct. 18. Please also forward this e-mail to your friends and family.
We need your support to awaken the world to the devastating consequences of global warming hysteria! -Ann & Phelim

NOT EVIL UPDATE – September 1, 2009
America’s cinematic tea party is now less than 50 days away! Come Oct. 18, patriots from sea to shining sea will be watching as we expose the true cost of global warming hysteria with the premiere of Not Evil Just Wrong.
The rush to premiere day gave us an emotional rush last week as we recorded the directors’ commentary. Production manager Magda joined us in the studio to tell the true behind-the-scenes story of the making of Not Evil Just Wrong. Reliving the film reminded us just how important it is to tell this story. The American Dream is at stake for millions of families! Radical environmentalists have buried the truth under mounds of flawed science and alarmism, but Americans are awakening as they hear the truth. They’re hungry for facts, not the distortions of groups like Greenpeace. We mentioned in last week’s letter the phenomenal outcry against Greenpeace after we exposed the group’s lie about melting Arctic ice and forced Greenpeace into a rare “clarification.” People are still talking about that retreat, which has been seen more than 56,000 times on YouTube!
The Pittsburgh Tribune penned a biting editorial last week under the headline “Greenpeace Exposed.” The paper cited the lie we exposed as proof that “Greenpeace twists the truth to further its eco-wacko agenda.” It also said the news shows the general “dubiousness of global warming alarmists’ credibility and the reprehensibility of their tactics.” The Washington Examiner also cited our report about Greenpeace’s in an editorial urging the Senate to reject “cap and trade” legislation that would cripple an American economy already mired in recession. Senators “should take a hard look at the pronouncements of Greenpeace and other environmentalist groups, and separate the propaganda from the facts,” the paper said.
Separating propaganda from facts — now there’s an idea that never occurs to environmentalists. But we’re thrilled when open-minded people are willing to do it, like the organizers of “Climate Week” at the University of York in the United Kingdom. They’ve added a screening of Not Evil Just Wrong to their agenda for Oct. 28, days after our historic U.S. premiere.
The more, the merrier, we say. We want an open and honest debate about global warming. But the other side keeps spouting nonsense about mutants, ice-cube bunkers and most of North America being underwater like they did in an ad replayed at Friday’s Social Good Conference. Go watch that extreme fiction on our blog so you can see what we’re up against.
We’re constantly airing the truth here in America. We scored several radio interviews last week, including appearances on: the nationally syndicated “Korelin Economics Report“; “News And Views” on the Information Radio Network; “Pintek Tonight” in Pittsburgh; Brandywine Radio in Pennsylvania; “Let’s Talk, With Lee And Terry Frank” in Knoxville, Tenn.; “Life Line” in San Francisco; “Tru News” in Texas; and “Money And More” on WYLL-AM in Naperville, Ill.
Americans for Tax Reform also plugged Not Evil Just Wrong on its blog after our screening there for bloggers and journalists. “The film shows the other side of the scientific debate [about global warming], the side that doesn’t exist according to the global warming extremists,” ATR said.
We’ll keep telling that truth about global warming hysteria, but we need your help. Please promote our film on your Web sites and make plans now to join us in the largest-ever simultaneous movie premiere on Oct. 18. You have less than 50 days to get your piece of red carpet so you can give your neighbors a taste of Hollywood!
-Ann & Phelim
NOT EVIL UPDATE – September 15, 2009

The Not Evil Just Wrong team was out in full force at Freedom Plaza early Saturday to promote the film. We weren’t there long before we had to haul our table and display to Capitol Hill. We chatted up the crowd all day and met fans from across the country, including one couple all the way from Orange County, Calif., that can’t wait for premiere night. One man from Delaware is so excited about the movie that he volunteered to help distribute fliers once he found us. And we overheard another man repeating our Web address by phone to someone back home.
We learned one thing real fast about the protesters: They don’t like Al Gore. People snapped up the “” signs we debuted at the rally. The Web site got some airtime on MSNBC while we were at Freedom Plaza. See how many times you spot this sign in this segment.
Saturday’s rally followed our Friday appearance on the nationally syndicated “G. Gordon Liddy Show,” where we alerted listeners to the scary “green future” that awaits America if the country adopts a European-style “cap and trade” system.
Our other radio appearances last week included “55 Feedback” in Wisconsin and “Reality Check” in Florida. We kicked off this week with Monday appearances on “Zeb at the Ranch” in Idaho and “Up Front with Vicki McKenna” in Wisconsin. We also talked with a Washington Times reporter. We’re airing the message of Not Evil Just Wrong from coast to coast! We’re also writing for our blog. We took American educators to task twice last week for pushing global warming propaganda instead of teaching facts to the children.
The first occasion came on the day of President Obama’s speech to schoolchildren. Parents were right to be nervous about it because public schools have become ideological hatcheries for liberals. In addition to posting proof from Northern Ireland as reported in our movie, we dug up plenty of fresh evidence of global warming hysteria in American schools.
The impact of environmental scare tactics reaches beyond schools. In the case of the pesticide DDT, the tactics had deadly costs. That’s why no one should trust an elitist crew of “climate champions” like those being recruited by the World Wide Fund for Nature. Please read the blog posts linked above and get as upset as we are about global warming hysteria. Then help us get America psyched and ready to fight the alarmism. Thanks for your support!

-Ann & Phelim

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