Message to Copenhagen: In America, 'We the People Govern'

Our President Does Not Have Support in our Senate for Binding Carbon Emissions Limits

By Dan Kotman

As President Obama travels to Copenhagen tomorrow, he and the U.S. Delegates at the summit will be greeted by a full page ad in the Copenhagen Post with a “Message from America.”

The ad is a reminder that the Constitution requires Senate approval for any climate change agreement reached in Copenhagen. Just like Vice President Al Gore did in Kyoto in 1997, President Obama is able to sign an agreement, but once he returns home he will be bitterly reminded that, without the Senate’s approval, the agreement is meaningless. Senator Jim Webb from Virginia also recently wrote the President reminding him Senate approval is required to ratify a Copenhagen agreement.

Without the support of the Senate and the American people, President Obama is planning to circumvent the Constitution by claiming the EPA has the regulatory power to impose a cap and trade system of taxation similar to what Congress has so far refused to adopt.

That’s called “Taxation without Representation.” And the American people won’t stand for it.

See below or click here to download a copy of the ad.


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