Private property is toast, and global warming a hoax

In the Friday, March 19, guest opinion “Yolo County works to build better communities” Helen Thomson and David Morrison stated Yolo County is capable of “successfully navigating through the maze of confusing regulations.”Really? Has anybody looked at the new Yolo County General Plan? Every type of land use restriction imaginable has been applied to everyone’s private properties.Helen Thomson always told farmers that agriculture was the county’s first priority, but the General Plan drops the Williamson Act and reduces our farms and ranches into a stifling government run agricultural park.If the “farmbudsman” position is assigned to a nonprofit, will grants remove county costs allowing an unelected and unaccountable entity to enforce the rules? Remember the Conaway Ranch? Special Districts will impose new taxes and bureaucracies for road maintenance (Action CI-A23); Parks (Action CO-A10); Police protection (Action PF -A24), and Annexation of SMUD (Action PF-A67).Items within Action AG-A-7 dictate:n Size and mass of the home(s);n Location of the home(s) to avoid areas of excessive slope, higher quality agricultural soils, native vegetation, flooding, lack of water availability, or other physical constraints;n Approval of a stewardship plan demonstrating how the property would be farmed;n Cluster homes in a location within the parcel with the least impact on agricultural operation. New farm dwellings may be clustered in proximity to existing homes on adjoining properties;n Consideration of an agricultural conservation easement deed restriction or similar instrument on all or a portion of the remainder of the property, outside of any home site(s). Please read this one again. A Constitutional challenge?Policy CO-7.4 New construction: “Require the use of Energy Star certified appliances, such as water heaters, swimming pool heaters, cooking equipment, refrigerators, furnaces and boiler units…” and C0-A84 Resales: “…ordinance requiring that existing homes retrofitted with water efficient appliances and fixtures prior to sale.”Action CO-A115… “Climate Action Plan (Cap) to control and reduce net Green House Gas emissions, and to address economic and social adaptation to the effects of climate change.”However, confessions of serious manipulations of scientific data by the leading global warming scientists created a false consensus of global warming science, and its cause and effects are correspondingly corrupted. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, once thought as the world authority on climate change, lost its credibility when incriminating e-mails from scientists surfaced that scientists colluded to change the data and stonewalled Freedom of Information requests.Yolo County tried to do the right things to have the General Plan comply with the mandates of global warming, but the basic scientific premise of global warming is now known to be fraudulent.Regulatory actions relating to human-caused climate change need to be repealed or suspended until human-caused climate change is fully debated and settled. The hypotheses must be fully vetted and, in the end, be based on sound and peer-reviewed data. The cost to individuals and society to comply with these unfounded scientific political ideologies will cause great harm to our economy. Global warming has to be proven before its rules are imposed. And until that scientific basis is proven, Yolo County’s General Plan must not implement Policies and Actions that apply all those fees, fines and mandates.— Vicki Murphy is a resident of Brooks.Source

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