Science journal admits: science not settled

In a stunning announcement, fresh research in the journal Science has invalidated all the computer models used by the UN IPCC and relied on by uppity bloggers. Essentially, say researchers, “we got it wrong”. Al Gore gave a hint of the backdown on CO2 earlier this week, but now the full research has just been published, and Doug Hoffman summarises it: Global Warming Predictions Invalidated Submitted by Doug L. Hoffman on Thu, 11/05/2009 – 13:39 A new study in the journal Science has just shown that all of the climate modeling results of the past are erroneous. The IPCC’s modeling cronies have just been told that the figures used for greenhouse gas forcings are incorrect, meaning none of the model results from prior IPCC reports can be considered valid. What has caused climate scientists’ assumptions to go awry? Short lived aerosol particles in the atmosphere changing how greenhouse gases react in previously unsuspected ways. The result is another devastating blow to the climate catastrophists’ computer generated apocalyptic fantasies. In a stunning article entitled “Improved Attribution of Climate Forcing to Emissions,” a group of researchers from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Columbia University in New York, led by Drew T. Shindell, have called into question the values used to calculate the “forcing” due to various greenhouse gases. “We calculated atmospheric composition changes, historical radiative forcing, and forcing per unit of emission due to aerosol and tropospheric ozone precursor emissions in a coupled composition-climate model,” states the paper’s abstract. “We found that gas-aerosol interactions substantially alter the relative importance of the various emissions. In particular, methane emissions have a larger impact than that used in current carbon-trading schemes or in the Kyoto Protocol.” The news throws into question the huge focus on CO2 emissions, and the point of even bothering to turn up to Copenhagen, given that much of what climatologists thought they knew about global warming turns out to be wrong.

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  1. Until these people admit that we are currently in a CO2 famine and that 1200ppm is a minimum target figure for the health of our planet, and that Methane from Man and Cattle is of no significance, the battle for sanity and good science is not over.

    Paul Stephen Hooks
    BA, BSc(Hons)

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