SFU propaganda report: 'Fires, drought, weather chaos predicted'. Except readers not buying it!

Check out the reader comments to this SFU doomsday propaganda report covered in The Province. Sure seems like everyone is seriously waking up to the great climate change hoax!

B.C. in 2050: Fires, drought, weather chaos predicted


  • “This must be one of the most ridiculous reports ever created. Who are these morons? These people should be immediately fired. This just makes you shake your head in disbelief that this rhetoric is supposed to be scientific fact. tlam_1111@yahoo.ca”
  • “one of the most irresponsible pieces of ‘journalism’ I’ve seen in a long time – catchy headline though! Funny how about 30 years ago there were similar type headlines predicting an ice age if we didnt do something to stop global ‘cooling’ (and Suzuki was one of the loudest voices on that one too!) …always look at how someone gets paid, and you will figure out their motive – ‘scientists’ = govt research grants (your money and mine!)…if everything seems okay there is no need for more research = ‘scientists’ out of work!!!”
  • It’s nice to see the general public are not falling for this media driven crap. I remember back in the early 70s (Thomas Black comment) when they talked about the next ice age and for the last 10 years we’ve been listening to how global warming will destroy us all. Scientific FACT demonstrates that the climate is controled by sun activity. Since the early years of this decade, sun flairing was high. Right now it is low. No wonder we are seeing climactic differences. Fear mongering which is what this article is all about… in order to control the masses… Rediculous!
  • “wow, so refreshing to see that 99% of the posters on this page have woken up to the fact that this whole climate change/eco babble nonsense is totally false and nothing more than a scam to separate you from your money, rights, and your liberty. i guess the powers that be that run this rag (and everything else) miscalculated the intelligence of their readers…..but go right ahead and keep printing these ridiculous stories, only i suggest you create a new section of the paper called “Suzuki’s/Al Gore’s hunt for the man-bear-pig””.
  • “You know, SFU has been full of crack pots since it was built in the late 60’s? They seldom get recognition as it is a learning facility full of the the deprived looking for attention. Yet, there are changes, but I think the SFU folks are doing the screen play for just that, a play, hoping it turns into a major movie, so they all go off into the sunset, hand in hand, to live happy ever after. You wouldn’t hear this sort of reporting, or fortune telling out of UBC.”
  • “Why do they print this tripe? In the One plus-point article, the experts are warning that the Interior and Peace Country should worry about growing potatoes and tomatoes by 2020. Do these experts ever get out of the city? Potatoes and tomatoes have been “sprouting” up there for a hundred years. What a bunch of pap…..it will scare some people, though. Just throw more money at a situation, any situation and it is magically fixed – because the insiders are all lined up for a piece of our money. Craziness. Maybe the government should have taken responsibility and taken care of the pine beetle when it was first found. Climate change disn’t stop the politicians from doing their job.”
  • “Here’s a headline, “No Significant News Stories Today!””
  • “I knew I shouldn’t have idled my truck for 12 hours straight yesterday…Sorry everybody”
  • “After listening to these doomsday scenarios since the sixties, I have become aware that every new environmental theory is always distorted with the proponents’ personal biases and preconceived notions that often include a sense of panic and inevitability. This “fact” sullies the true nature of science and can produce panicky, irrational decisions by those prone to believe with certainty every new doomsday prognostication. Climate change is definitely occurring, and always has since the world began, but it is possible that the irrepressible human ego is attributing too much blame on specific human causes, rather than on greater causes beyond our control. Focusing primarily on preventing climate change, that is unavoidable, could divert attentions and budgets away from other proven environmental concerns and adaptation strategies. Here is a suggestion for another doomsday quote that could be printed in large bold type for tomorrow’s sensationalist headline. OVER 10 MILLION CANADIANS WILL DIE BY 2050 UNLESS CURES FOR AGING AND DISEASE ARE DISCOVERED. (This minimum estimate is based on 2005 Stats Canada numbers for annual deaths where the death rate increased by 1.6% per annum.) “
  • “Pure speculation. I am tired of computer models being used to create potential situations in which scientists, who have a vested interest in doom and gloom (it ensures a higher degree of grant funding and the support of the media who love a great story), can wildly extrapolate from a model, a series of doomsday scenarios.”
  • “AHAHAHAHAHA BC a post apocalyptic world, thats awsome!”
  • “Very amusing and so off course predicting such catastrophic events. Why stop there? Why not mention the major earthquake about to knock the whole west coast into the pacific, or the killer meteor that will devastate the earth in 2029?”
  • “So they can’t predict the weather next week but they can predict what it’s going to be like 40 years from now? Why do they even print this hogwash?”
  • “I’m more worried about that poor frog in the beaker. “
  • “I am going to go over to the curb and jump !!! Plummet 12 inchs to my death !!!!!!!!!! LOL !!!! But Campbell will save us after he has a few drinks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “I’m going to invest in a souped up muscle car, an Australian Cattle Dog, and some cool weaponry and travel the roads protecting fuel convoys. Is anyone interested in being my uglier, less-intelligent cohort? You need to have an autogyro ultralight and carry a reluctant attitude whilst going along with my every adventure. Oh wait… I’m going to be 41 years older and the folks that wrote this crap report will be long gone.”
  • Wow what a load of crap , instead of of calling it global warming ( it’s really cooling) let’s call it Climate Change this way we can fool all the dumb peasants and charge them more Carbon Tax ( more BS plants need carbon to live , which in turns gives us Oxygen )
  • “Since it is the ocean that determines our climate here we are looking good. I predict that in 2076 that a massive super volcano super heats the water,melts the poles and then spews so much crap in the air that we plunge into a 1000 year ice age! This of course covers the ancient city of Vancouver and the rest of B.C. with 3 kilometer thick ice. This of course is just as accurate as the above article!”

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