Smithsonian Natural History Museum: Global Cooling Exhibit Under Attack

By Thomas Richard
While global warming alarmists are rather miffed that this display is still being shown, it’s a good lesson in the absurdity of basing policy on the fad du jour. Everything in the display is actually correct, but that isn’t stopping the ‘treehuggers’ from wondering why it’s even visible to the public, since the man-made global warming hoax should be the ONLY focus at the museum. UPDATE: This display might get the politically-driven ax very soon.Source

4 thoughts on “Smithsonian Natural History Museum: Global Cooling Exhibit Under Attack”

  1. Right or wrong on their "Global Warming" assumptions, taking care of our home "Earth" is not a bad practice or policy. Obviously the path were on today is not sustainable. Look at China's pollution and consider the Billions we send to the Saudi's every year. Come on guy,s renewable resources and global eco changes are not only a political issue, but a human rights issue for future generations. If they are wrong about the CO2 levels(defying the laws of cause and effect in the process) what did running a cleaner greener planet hurt? But if you're wrong and we are polluting the earth and its resources it will be too late to turn back and that's a chance I am not willing to take.

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