STOP GLOBAL WHINING! – Site Promo Video Now Online

By Justin Credible

UPDATE: March 26, 2009

Well, the response to the original video has been amazing, it has now been linked to dozens of excellent websites. Here’s the full ten minute version using various footage and a few great music clips mashed in for good measure. Putting that all together, this video presents the global climate change hoax using a combination of visuals, humour, music and emotion to get some serious points across. I hope you enjoy.

Shorter original version:

3 thoughts on “STOP GLOBAL WHINING! – Site Promo Video Now Online”

  1. Great video and great message. There is no global warming due to man's emissions and carbon dioxide has zero influence on the climate nor the weather. More serious pollution threatens us but is not addressed due to the unholy alliance between the UN and western governments to extract carbon taxes to control a problem that does not exist.

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