Wong Horse Knackered but… “Carbon Tax” is Saddled and Ready

Letter to the Editor

The aging galloper “Ration-N-Tax” from the Wong stable is knackered.

Anyone with any economic or political nous knows that the carbon cap proposals are neither politically nor economically possible in Australia or the USA. No electorate in the western world will sit by to see their standard of living reduced until their carbon emissions per capita are equal to those of India or China while they transfer their businesses, jobs and technology to these growing industrial giants of Asia.

From now on, those pushing the RAT Scheme are flogging a dead horse. Public opinion is changing swiftly and any time soon even Malcolm Turnbull will switch his bets.

But the canny handlers anticipated this result and have another nag saddled and ready.

The next starter will be “Carbon Tax”, a donkey with no pedigree, but a determined stayer which has been in secret training within big business circles (see below). He must be stopped or he will father many sterile mules in Australian industry.

The Climate Change industry is already running stories and conferences on the chances of “Carbon Tax” winning the Green Derby. (He has a good chance compared to that aged mare from the Wong/CPRS stable.)

The backers of “Carbon Tax” love his huge revenue potential – just a small carbon tax will fund never ending trips to race meetings in Bali, Rio, Copenhagen, Paris and Kyoto. It will feed the voracious nationalised climate research industry, provide eternal corporate welfare for the alternate energy punters, and allow politicians to continue buying votes with taxes collected from every consumer of electricity, transport, food, cement or anything manufactured in Australia.

“Carbon Tax” should be knackered for the same reasons that the RAT Scheme is unacceptable – it will have no climate benefits but it will destroy businesses, real jobs and living standards.

Viv Forbes
Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition

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