Yampa Valley Sustain­ability Council – aka The Green Police


Click here for the article in our local paper alleging that the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council has described itself as “the green police”. That scary title is probably prophetic.

You see, these are members of the single most dangerous religious cult ever known to mankind. And, as we well know, these cult members never limit their “green police” activities to encouraging voluntary compliance with their religious creed.

After the Green cult got DDT banned, tens of millions of Africans died needlessly from Malaria as a direct result and there was essentially zero benefit to the environment. With that one example alone, one could argue that this Green cult is far more evil than The Third Reich.

The following quote (from the first link) is instructive:

“Especially as we’re introducing that zero impact initiative, it’s a great reminder to be friendly to the environment”

That quote is telling because the Green religion is all about the fantasy of homo sapiens having zero impact on the planet and its ecology. But, all living things always have an impact on the planet and its ecology. In fact, all inanimate things always have an impact on the planet and its ecology. The planet and its ecology are always evolving and always changing.

The Green cultists would like to see all eco-systems restored to — as they imagine it — some Garden of Eden perfect moment prior to the arrival of homo sapiens. They would then like to freeze that moment in time for all of eternity. They are pursuing an utterly unachievable pipedream. You see, change is the only constant in the entire (ever changing) universe.

About 2.4 billion years ago, this planet experienced something often described as the “Oxygen Catastrophe” (aka “The Great Oxidation”). This so-called “catastrophe” was created when “evolving lifeforms [sic] developed oxyphotosynthesis”. That new oxygen producing capability initially produced limited quantities of oxygen. But with time “this oxygen accumulated and eventually caused an ecological crisis to the biodiversity of the time, as oxygen was toxic to the microscopic anaerobic organisms dominant then.”.

Oxygen — previously a mere trace elementnow makes up about 21% of our atmosphere (and, CO2 accounts for less than 0.04%). I suppose we are fortunate in that those organisms which caused such “catastrophic” changes to our atmosphere did not possess the “intelligence” (or lack thereof) to create a movement hell bent on eliminating their impact on the environment.

The current concentration of CO2 is near an all time record low for the last 600 million years. Present CO2 concentrations have been accurately described as a CO2 famine. The public is coming to understand that man made CO2 does not represent any credible threat of creating any meaningful — much less catastrophic — climate change. And, that is precisely why the so-called “Green” cultists are turning their attention to Methane.

Of course, science will probably determine that man made Methane hysteria is also unwarranted. But, only after riding another $50 billion gravy train (or more) to that station. At that point, the so-called “Green” cultists will — no doubt — identify some new boogie man to scare everybody with.

Isn’t it ironic that the very people who voted for “Change” are the same people who — with a religious fanaticism — fear any and all environmental change (even beneficial change) as though it were the devil itself?


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