Advocacy Group Greenpeace Attacks Funding Of Other Advocacy Groups

Greenpeace is attacking Koch industries because they disagree with the AGW religion and have been funding Right wing groups such as Cato and CEI.

David Koch’s chief partner in crime is his brother and fellow secretive billionaire Charles. But these two are not acting alone. They are the dons of a massive climate crime family. From 2005 to 2008, the Kochs handed out almost $25 million to groups actively opposing clean energy legislation, carbon emissions regulations, and other environmental policies — groups like the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and Americans for Prosperity, among many, many others.

Their website gives explicit instructions to followers on how to harass Koch Industries who have dared using free speech to oppose Green ideology.

Here’s how you can help:

•Link the word “Koch” to our report, which can be found at Put up as many links as you can, everywhere and anywhere you can put up links. Help us make sure that when someone Googles “Koch,” the top search result will be our report about how they’re spreading anti-climate propaganda and misinformation via a vast web of think tanks, astroturf organizations, and other groups.

•Just as importantly, post links on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks! There are buttons on to make this easy for you. When posting to Twitter, use the hashtag #Koch. And make sure to use the keyword “Koch” when posting on Facebook or any other OSN. Google can’t index content on these sites, but they have become significant search venues in and of themselves, so we want to make sure folks searching for “Koch” on these platforms find our report too.

Now for the really fun part! Go to the Koch Industries Facebook page and become a fan. True to their secretive nature, Koch Industries won’t let you post anything on their Facebook page, but you can comment on their posts. So leave a comment saying “I am not a Fan of Koch Industries’ funding of right wing think tanks and climate denying front groups” and a link to our report (
Koch Industries has been erasing some of our comments on Facebook so far today, so let’s post so many they can’t erase them all! I suggest you scroll down to the seventh post they have, which is all about Koch’s “commitment to environmental excellence,” whatever the heck that means. (Koch Industries has a terrible environmental record, by the way.)

After leaving a comment, you can unfan Koch Industries if you want, so that no one thinks you actually like the polluting, climate-denying fat cats who control the company.

Greenpeace funding dwarfs the funding of the groups it criticizes but that is not mentioned.

Of course it would be appropriate to hold Greenpeace to account for the millions starving because of food being converted to biofuels, and the untold millions of malaria victims caused by the Green campaign banning DDT.

There will also be huge human costs involved with the idiotic transfer of billions of public funds to pet AGW related projects which will in the long run be completely wasted ,all supported by Greenpeace.

Environmentalism has lost it’s way.



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