Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, April 1st 2010

Esquire featured hippie-kryptonite Marc Morano, Greenpeace upset the iCrowd and we have a genuine nerd fight between weathermen and climatologists. Pocket protectors at noon, gentlemen. All this and a hottie of justice. It’s April 1st, but would I joke about that?

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Show me the money. Al was excited to learn that the UK has started a green investment bank with a £2 billion injection of cash to be used on eco-friendly initiatives like wind power and eco-friendly waste management. Expect an announcement from Generation Investment Management soon about a new UK office, because that much money is like a flame to a moth. Al declared a win-win for American farmers. If global warming is real, farmers will reap the rewards in increased crop yields, unless they prefer to not farm and make money from carbon offsets. Trouble is, you can’t eat an offset. The inconvenience of being Al, China is moving forward (but with coal). One warmist sees no need to defend the Goreacle when he’s wrong:

It means looking at the science – not scary and unrealistic images of submerged cities. It means accepting the fact that Al Gore is not always right, and he should not be defended when he’s wrong.

Henry Payne compares the media frenzy about a few nuts going overboard after the Obama care vote, but wonders why Al Gore was never asked to publicly atone for the ELF. It’s a good question, unless you’re in the media, of course. Al points to terrified scientists who think that dying coral will doom humanity:

“Coral reefs are part of the foundation of the ocean food chain. Nearly half the fish the world eats make their homes around them. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide — by some estimates, 1 billion across Asia alone — depend on them for their food and their livelihoods.” If the reefs vanished, experts say, hunger, poverty and political instability could ensue. ”Whole nations will be threatened in terms of their existence,” said Carl Gustaf Lundin of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Then it’s time to round up these climate criminals for condemning whole nations’ existence. But wait, can old trains save the planet? Darned ingenuity, saving the planet all the time, it’s like we don’t even need hippies.

take that, coral

Canada’s David Suzuki has designed and launched ‘the David Suzuki Office Essentials: Green Your Workplace toolkit‘. It’s free and visitors to the website are guided through the process by a cartoon version of David Suzuki. Dave, you’ve been a cartoon for some time now, dude. Bubba and the Chump. Bill Clinton took a swipe at his erstwhile Veep:

Clinton noted today is spring — “otherwise known to Al Gore as proof of global warming.”

Har har, see what he did there?

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Hippies from activist group Climate Camp showed their commitment to Gaia by sending delegates to Bolivia. Here’s more fun facts about the hapless hypocrites:

  • The 12,000-mile round trip to the Climate Change and Mother Earth’s Rights conference next month involves changing planes at least twice.
  • The flights will generate about eight tons of carbon dioxide greenhouse gases.
  • The money for their tickets — at least £1,200 for an economy fare — is being paid for by donations to Climate Camp from people opposed to flying and airport expansion.

An American academic accuses warmists of hijacking the environmental movement. Um, see the story above to see the kind of fanatics and lunatics that now claim to be the face of green. Count ‘em. Five dumb ways to save the planet. No surprise that number one on the list involves telling Africans not to breed. What is it with warmists and their rabid hatred of Africa anyway? Eco-terrorist group Greenpeace is trying to frame the global warming debate as the tobacco fight. Of course, pitching themselves as David against a big-oil funded Goliath is about as dishonest as you can get.
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