An Elitist Crew Of 'Climate Champions'

By Joe Schoffstall
The World Wide Fund for Nature recently announced that it will be taking on the global warming agenda with a team of “climate champions.” According to the WWF, this team will ensure that “government decision makers and political leaders worldwide lead the world towards a future using a cleaner energy supply.” However, can we really take these experts seriously? In their previous documentary “Mine Your Own Business,” Ann and Phelim interviewed Mark Fenn, WWF’s Madagascar representative, who was leading the fight against a coal-mining project that would have provided 2,000 jobs to the impoverished village. In “Mine Your Own Business,” Fenn stated that people are happy to be living such impoverished lives. He believes they do not place a value on education, so lacking money to pay for their children’s schooling is not a top priority or concern. This, of course, couldn’t be further from the truth. The average salary for people in Madagascar is a meager $100 per month, making it extremely difficult for parents to send their sons and daughters to school. “Mine Your Own Business” featured George, an unemployed miner from Romania who thought he knew about poverty but was shocked when he saw the level of deprivation in Madagascar. He asked Fenn the question that all humanitarians should ask, “What about the people who are very poor?” Fenn’s response has since become infamous around the world. He said that for poor people, measuring how often someone smiles is more important than wealth. If I could put you with a family and you count how many times in a day that that family smiles, if you could measure stress, and then I bring you back to Romania and I put you with a family well off — or in New York or London — and you count how many times people smile and measure stress and you look at how these people interact, then you tell me who is rich and who is poor?

This being said right after he showed George his luxury home and $35,000 boat. Who’s benefiting from the policies they are pushing? Surely not the poor villages that could use the extra jobs, allowing the children to receive an education they rightfully deserve. Neither Fenn nor the WWF have apologized for the outlandish and downright reckless comments made about the citizens of Madagascar. Now the WWF has launched a new team to tackle the global warming agenda — the same group that claims people are more than happy to be living in disheartening poverty. Can we honestly trust climate champions from an organization that not only tolerates such comments but also views the world through such a cracked and distorted lens?Source

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  1. The only credible researchers are the ones without underlying motives. Those mainly are the ones from academia. Also, they are the ones who find that there does exist man made global warming.

    I know it's difficult to accept something that your party doesn't believe. Furthermore, going to the University of Dayton doesn't help you either.

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