Ocean Acidification – Another 'Climate Change' Urban Myth

Climate Alarmists Love To Scare Journalists & Celebrities

Read here and here. Two things to remember: One, CO2 levels in the past were multiple times higher than current levels and they did not turn the oceans into “acid,” nor kill ocean/sea life. Two, all the world’s known fossil fuels could be burned and still not turn the oceans acidic. Additional C3 Headlines on this subject here.


2 thoughts on “Ocean Acidification – Another 'Climate Change' Urban Myth”

  1. Your first link is nothing but a repeated claim of "lalalal can't hear you." The writer has no idea how ocean chemistry works.

    The second link's reasoning is stellar: "Why cannot 21st century scientists properly understand the basics of physics and chemistry that were known over a hundred years ago? It is due to the corrosive influence of an atheist worldview…" Apparently he knows chemistry better than all those atheistic scientists who've studied it all their lives, because he knows that God put the world here for our benefit, and would never make it so delicate as to be disruptable by our actions. QED.

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