Bill Would Require Flaws in Global Warming Theory Be Taught in Schools

You knew our public school children were being indoctrinated in anti-capitalist dogma being passed off as “science,” right? Well, in case you didn’t, they are. For years public schools around the world have been showing Al Gore’s propaganda film “An Inconvenient Truth” and exposing impressionable children with other misleading information in order to fool them into believing evil capitalists, along with their SUVs and energy sources, are destroying our fragile planet. South Dakota Representative Don Kopp of District 35 is ready to do something about that. The Rapid City Journal reports he has pre-filed legislation for the upcoming legislative session which would require both sides of the debate to be presented in the classroom. Are the odds against the bill? Of course. Entrenched ignorance–especially when that ignorance is entrenched in elitist circles–is very difficult to uproot. Is it worth making the effort? Of course. We owe it to the children of our society to ensure they are not mindlessly indoctrinated by the “flavor of the day” liberal pap, especially when it’s passed off as “science.” Expect a lot of resistance from liberals in the education establishment and elsewhere. Even they understand deep down that their religion of anthropogenic global warming is a house of cards built on a tiny bit of genuine science and a great deal of supposition and conjecture. What’s more, there is a gargantuan amount of evidence against AGW. The vast majority of scientific and historical information points to natural and cyclic climate change which goes back thousands of years. We know that 1000 years ago, Greenland was warm enough for Vikings to colonize this now-cold area. The Vikings even grew vineyards, which is something you can’t do in cool climates, much less frigid ones. The Peruvian ice caps were also much warmer in the past, as was medieval Spain, Iceland, Sweden, Austria, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Pakistan, Japan, China, New Zealand, and more. Warmer periods than today extend even back to the Greek and Roman eras. Data shows that to solar activity (duh) has great influence over global temperatures on earth, and that temperature drives CO2 buildup, not the other way around. We even see other planets around our solar system such as Mars and Jupiter warming up–yet there are no SUVs or coal power plants there. Somehow we are supposed to believe that interplanetary global warming is natural while terrestrial global warming has been “settled” as definitely man-made. Sure. In fact, claims of “consensus” and “settled science” are themselves pure propaganda. A great number of scientific organizations such as the Polish Academy of Sciences and others are speaking out and telling the truth about this unscientific fraud. Over 31,000 scientists have signed one petition alone, disagreeing with the hypothesis of anthrop0genic global warming. Finally, ClimateGate–the exposure of emails, documents and computer code from the Climate Research Unit in England–as exposed the face of global warming fraud. This “research” center which provides global warming analysis for the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and others has been revealed doing “tricks” with data and “fudging” their computer models, destroying raw data and trying to hide their real information from the public. And they are not the only agency which has been up to deception and trickery. This sordid scandal reveals that science has gone to bed with advocacy, and the result is a massive hoax being perpetrated on the people to rob them of their prosperity and their liberty. It is quite clear, when one knows the players involved in pushing this nonsense, that it is nothing more than anti-capitalist propaganda intended to separate the common people from their freedom. A thinking people who want to remain free do not unquestioningly accept whatever they are told simply because a so-called professional tells them it is so. Scientists, educators and government officials should maintain a high degree of integrity, but the reality is that they are susceptible to the same biases and temptations to tell a self-serving whopper as the rest of us. Perhaps you are okay with being separated from your freedom and your heard-earned waged, but I am not. Perhaps you are okay with having your children indoctrinated with an unscientific hoax that threatens the integrity of the U.S. Constitution, our sovereignty, and our very way of life…but I am not. I’m grateful that Rep. Kopp has the courage to separate himself from the herd, to disregard juvenile peer pressure and insist on–if not full honesty about this fraud–at least equal time for the facts.Source

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