Carbon Dioxide is the world's best friend

Simple fact: The more carbon we produce, the greener our planet becomes, and temperatures are not affected.

Regardless of what you heard Al Gore say in his debunked Hollywood science fiction movie, every qualified scientist knows this fact. CO2 is not a pollutant. Your carbon “footprint” would be better off larger, not smaller. And, since it has been proven over and over that CO2 rises AFTER warm cycles, we know it does not CAUSE warm cycles. And 96.5% of all those greenhouse gases come from the oceans. Not your SUV. Look it up…it is now an undisputed scientific fact. Ask yourself why global temperatures have been falling even though man-made CO2 has increased.

Now, did YOU know all this? Or are you still riding along on the so-called “green” bandwagon, convinced that your car is causing a hot summer day?

CO2 Science .org (Educate yourself!)

I Love My Carbon Dioxide .com
(Another excellent resource)

Over 31,000 Scientists Publicly Agree
(CO2 is good; man-made climate change is a hoax)

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