Climate change hoax rightfully ignored at G20

By Simon, Australian Climate Madness

Can you believe it? The greatest challenge to humanity since the dawn of time (© Al Gore, James Hansen, IPCC etc etc) but the G20 choose to sidestep it completely. As the understandably miserable sounding Ohn Sauven, Executive Director of Greenpeace, puts it, sounding for all the world like a kid whose just lost his favourite teddy bear:

“Hundreds of billions were found for the IMF and World Bank, but for making the transition to a green economy there is no money on the table, just vague aspirations, talks about talks and agreements to agree.

“A clear financial commitment to green investment and jobs could have helped kick-start a green economy and tackle climate change.”

No it couldn’t. At least the G20 are right on this issue.

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