Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, April 3rd 2009

By The Daily Bayonet
Welcome to another thrilling instalment of the global warming hoax weekly round-up. I’ve got circular arguments, flat denials, dirty stories from Spokane and polar bears gone wild for you this week.
Grab a java, the fun starts now.

*PSA: This post may cause hippie heads to pop. You’ve been warned.

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

Global warming prophet profit Al Gore blogged about the ‘Extreme Ice Survey’ this week. I recommend you watch the time-lapse images of a retreating glacier, it is amazing how much ice was lost in 5 short months. But wait, what’s that? The images were taken between May and September? Isn’t that, like, summer? Ice melts in the summer, who knew?

Al Goreacle failed to observe Earth Hour. He denies the accusations. He’s still busted. The best part about this – Al Gore takes a turn as a denier. Heh.

Al Gore. Even he has trouble swallowing his bull.

Al blogs again, and enters a circular argument from hell:Two weeks ago the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ruled insurance companies must now submit annual “climate-risk” reports. “The officials acted after concluding that climate change threatens insurers in two ways. It increases the risk of extreme weather events such as floods and wildfires, which would boost claims. And it is prompting governments to cap industrial carbon emissions that contribute to global warming — a move threatens the profits of companies such as coal-fired utilities in which insurers commonly invest.”

This is just more evidence of the immediate need to solve the climate crisis, not only because of its effect on the planet, but on business as well.

Get that? Because Al Gore’s great global warming hoax has bullied credulous politicians to pursue cap and trade legislation, profits are threatened. Ergo, global warming threatens business and must be ‘solved’. Does Al even read what he’s writing, or did Obama take all the best writers for his teleprompter?Meanwhile, ElGore seems to have lost a few journalists from his Current TV venture. His employees are currently in custody in the prehistoric theme park we know as North Korea. Al seems to have no plans to save them from their Lil’ Kim crisis, preferring to fight a mythical crisis instead. Gore followers, this would be called a teachable moment about the character of your leader.

You can see Al’s Pyongyang house from space during Earth Hour.

One of Al’s closest friends, global warming muppet Jim Hanson, wrote an email criticizing Freeman Dyson for being a skeptic. It’s an intellectual David and Goliath cage match, but Hanson forgot to pack his slingshot.David Suzuki, the granola hippy and totalitarian, was called out for his outright lies after an IOC green awards night. The man with the smackdown was none other than Dr. Tim Ball. We know that warmists are all about who is best qualified, so this contest goes to Dr. Ball with the Ph.D. in Climatology, not the do-nothing media whore ex-geneticist. Them’s the breaks, Dave.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

California, the model for global economies that embrace climate change as a reality, gets into the tough issues and considers banning black cars from their streets. Black cars are blamed for getting too warm in the Sun, and then radiating that heat, causing global warming. Try not to think about the inconvenient paradox that warmists blame everything under the sun for warming, but not the yellow orb itself. Scaremonger extraordinaire James Hanson admitted that his models make stuff up. No, really, he said that. Sort of.People in Spokane have dirty dishes, and they don’t like it. Washington hippies are fine with it, of course, but the do-gooders forgot the law of unintended consequences:

1) Some folks now drive 100 miles each way to neighboring Idaho to buy proper dishwasher detergent.
2) Others just run their dishwashers on the super heavy-duty cycle to get their dishes clean.

To save moonbats from spending a dime on a clue, neither of the activities above is helping Gaia. You’re welcome.

Spokane residents innovate in dish-washing technology

President Obama, a warmist, has invited world leaders to a climate change summit at the end of April. Join in the fun and start your Gore Effect weather prediction pool now!Green jihadists showed how intolerant they are of criticism by trying to bully wikipedia into removing an entry about Earth Hour counter-protest ‘Human Achievement Hour’. They lost that fight but came back strongly with a devastating blow for Gaia when they pulled the plug on an 81-year old’s house. Stay classy, hippies.Prince Chuckles shows some unusual taste and joins up with Liz Hurley. It’s another idiot venture into some green nonsense, of course, but look – Liz Hurley!

Stop global warming. Cold is alllll good.

Alarmist and nutjob Penn Haddow and his Catlin Expedition are still alive, despite the tragically warmed Arctic’s best efforts to kill them.Oh how we mourn the loss of the ring tailed possum to global warming. Oh, wait. Nevermind.David Letterman, a person once described incorrectly as ‘funny’, is lining up AGW skeptics to poke fun at. What is funny, of course, is that Letterman still thinks anyone will be watching.Tom Nelson is all-a-twitter about Earth Hour tweets from the dark. My favorite:

so i turned out my lights for earth hour. but i was watching tv. does that make me a bad person? what was i supposed to do for an hour?

A desmog alarmist gets irritated by The Skeptics Handbook, and tries to debunk it. Unfortunately the mental midget isn’t quite up to the job. Here’s a clue, before asking where the Heartland Institure gets its cash, how about telling us where Al Gore’s ‘we’ campaign got $300 million?

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

The idea of a carbon tax in Canada is dead forever:

“We took the carbon tax to the public and the public didn’t think it was such a good idea… if the public, after mature consideration think that’s the dumbest thing they’ve ever heard then I’ve got to listen.”

Saskatoon, meet Earth Hour. heh.Polar bears, the truth:


The warming oceans, cooling off as it turns out.

If you’re waiting for a ‘green’ job, don’t hold your breath.

Jim Hanson, warmist ‘bogeyman’ and supporter of civil disobedience gets schooled by Tim Ball.

115 scientists politely point out to President Obama that he is, in fact, full of crap.Inconvenient questions for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science about the much-hyped solar panels on their roof. Oregan hates corn ethanol.

‘…the complaints range from lower gas mileage to wear-and-tear on engines, as well as the impact of corn ethanol on food prices.’

CFL’s are the gift that keep on giving. Not only are they a toxic waste hazard that can cause fits and expose you to dangerous levels of UV radiation, they will also burn your house down. Thanks, government, for taking our safe incandescents away.Earth Hour fail in New York.My friend at Australian Climate Madness busts the SMH for wildly exaggerating Earth Hour participation. Perhaps Fairfax should change its name to Fairytalefax.Atlantic Ocean warming was caused by dust. Not CO2, dust. Time to have a word with the cleaners.President Obama, warmist, might have some personal motivation to get the climate change laws passed.It’s the Sun, stupid.Oh, and it’s natural causes, stupid.Remember when you were killing the Earth’s ozone with your deodarant and refridgerator? Well it was cosmic rays, not CFC’s. Don’t you love the sound of settled science?Steven Goddard monitors news coverage of global warming and notices a tipping point in the media. The sky is falling on the global warming hoax.Here is this week’s must read article; A Cooling Trend Towards Global Warming.

Part Four: AGW in the News

I’m skipping this section this week; I didn’t have many interesting links and my knee is killing me. Advance to the global hottie, do not pass go.

Part Five: Global Hottie

How do I follow a picture of Liz Hurley for this section? Simple, I bring you an actress that’s been in the news for the Right reasons. Talented, beautiful and not afraid of the Hollywood leftards, I salute Angie Harmon and am proud to make her this week’s global hottie.


That’s it for another week. Have a safe and happy weekend.

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