Climategate Round-Up #4

Welcome to the fourth thrilling instalment of the CRU hack/leak round-up. Since the scandal is now popularly known as climategate, I’ve adjusted the post title to reflect the will of the people. Because that’s how it’s supposed to be. If you’re new to climategate, a good place to pick up how this got started and why it matters is here: Climategate for Dummies. Climate Depot also has lots of continually updated stories on climategate and there is a handy video who’s who at WUWT. For fun, read the round-up and then take the Climategate quiz at The Shadowlands.

Climategate Data & Fallout

After the initial rush to comb through the leaked emails, it looks like the real undoing for the motley CRU will be their code. It gets picked apart here, with shocking results. Calls for a criminal investigation begin: .. As the impact of the leaked emails sinks in, the CRU ’scientists’ reputations sink to charlatans and thieves. An IPCC scientist calls for Michael Mann and the motley CRU to be fired from the UN’s climate fiction organization because they are ‘no longer credible.’ Another scientist wants to go further and suggests that the IPCC itself has passed its best-before date. Watt’s has more of Mike Hulme’s IPCC deathwatch. One defense of global warming science says that the CRU leak involves only a few scientists and that does not affect the overall conclusion that the planet is about to boil us all into vapor. That defense ignores the inconvenient truth that the scientists caught burying data, manipulating results and generally behaving badly lead the global warming charge and have the ear of policymakers. Rigging peer review damaged the very process that scaremongers cry means everything when faced with inconvenient skeptical scientists. Heh. Piers Corbyn calls for Hopenchangen in Copenhagen to be canceled. Good idea, but then where would all the hypocrites go? Dodgy science gets us all off the hook. Michael Mann will be investigated for his part in Climategate. To be fair, one of the emails connected to Mann is from CRU asking him to delete emails related to AR4 but there is no evidence he did any such thing. He faked the hockey stick and manipulates data like a fiend, so there’s enough rope to hang him with without guessing what he might or might not have deleted. The IPCC, surrounded. Hide the decline, redux.

Climategate in the Media

Despite the MSM’s best efforts to prop up the global warming hoax’s most embarrassing moment by either NOT reporting it, or spinning it to avoid the inconvenient truth, readers are ahead of the story. The comments at the Houston Chronicle take the paper to the woodshed for failing to report the news. Mark Steyn weighs in on climategate:

It might be that “climate change” is an organized criminal conspiracy to defraud the entire developed world. Or there might be a “good explanation”. I’d be interested to hear it.

Glover knows that something is rotten in the state of East Anglia.

media priorities explainedmedia priorities explained

The Examiner discovers that Climategate is bad for Obama. Which explains the media silence nicely. CRU no longer has the raw data that the global warming hoax was based on, because they destroyed it. Is this the story that will blow the lid off of Climategate and send it mainstream? The BBC’s Paul Hudson had the leaked data emailed to him over one month before Climategate. Now he has nothing to say, has the BBC silenced him? Canada’s state-funded CBC (or Can-Jazeera as I prefer to call them) discovers that their audience knows all about the stories they refuse to cover: .. The worst scientific scandal of our generation. Quite. The Economist covers the motley CRU misbehavior but continues to push ‘AGW is really real, honest’ garbage. Which is why they lost my subscription. ABC finally covers Climategate on TV. Another week and even NBC won’t be able to ignore it.

Hippie Heads Exploding

What, exactly, are the alarmists afraid of? Truth, perhaps. Too little, too late? The motley CRU announce their intention to release ALL their data. As if that will erase the evidence of their collusion to hide/destroy or otherwise interfere with the scientific process. Climategate wrecks the precious consensus so beloved of weather hysterics everywhere. Google, founded by wannabe hippies with a big jet, tried to suppress the rising tide of Climategate. Inconveniently, the people will not be suppressed. Bing’s autosuggest has no compunction about coughing up Climategate after only entering C-L-I. Hmmm. Global warming scientists dismissed skeptics and refused to engage them. That strategy looks pretty short-sighted these days. It’s the totalitarianism, stupid. For a Canadian example of an intolerant green totalitarian, see here.

'I once sold a hoax this big'‘I once sold a hoax this big’

Economist and climategate apologist Paul Krugman gets the verbal equivalent of a face slapping with a rancid kipper by Don Easterbrook. Oh noes, more bad news for hippies, the Germans tried to warn the world about the global warming hoax 2 years ago. When you’ve lost the Germans… Hugo Rifkind, possibly the dumbest lefty out there:

…when I can’t be arsed properly to understand something, I tend to defer to those who can. I trust engineers to build bridges and I trust doctors to cure diseases. Likewise climatologists on man-made global warming. Most of them seem to believe in it. They might all be wrong, but they’re less likely to be wrong than I am. Call me a mindless stooge, but that’s good enough for me.

Rifkind gets his wish here.

Climategate Hottie

So I watched a little Firefly over the weekend, which brought this spottie to mind (spottie = space hottie). She also stars in Mad Men, which I figure must be an accurate description of the motley CRU, and she’s wearing green and that’s good enough for me. Climategaters, your day is brghtened by Ms. Christina Hendricks.


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