The perpetrators of world’s greatest scientific hoax should go to jail

By Frank J. Tamel
Throughout history people, for various reasons, have perpetrated scientific hoaxes on the public. Here are a few examples: Piltdown Man — In 1912 Charles Dawson “discovered” the Piltdown fossils, a skull and jawbone that appeared to be half-man half-ape, in Sussex, England. They were hailed as the evolutionary “missing link” between apes and humans. 40 years later the fossil was exposed as a fake. In fact, the skull was constructed from a medieval human cranium attached to the jaw of an orangutan.The Cardiff Giant — A ten-foot “petrified man” was dug up on a small farm in Cardiff, New York, in October 1869. The “Cardiff Giant” became a huge news story and many Americans traveled to see it. It was revealed as the creation of New Yorker George Hull, who had paid for it to be carved out of stone.The Spaghetti Tree — In 1957, the BBC show Panorama broadcast a program about the spaghetti tree in Switzerland. It showed a family harvesting pasta that hung from the branches of the tree. After watching the program, hundreds of people phoned in asking how they could grow their own tree. It was revealed as an April Fools joke.The Sokal Hoax — In 1996, American physicist Alan Sokal submitted a paper loaded with nonsensical jargon to the journal Social Text, in which he argued that quantum gravity is a social and linguistic construct. When the journal published it, Sokal revealed that the paper was in fact a spoof. The Secret of Immortality — Johann Heinrich Cohausen, an 18th-century physician, wrote a treatise on the prolongation of life, entitled Hermippus redivivus. Among other secrets of longevity it claimed that life could be prolonged by taking an elixir produced by collecting the breath of young women in bottles. Cohausen admitted that it was a satire. Man-made Global Warming — In 2007 former Vice President Al Gore addressed Congress telling lawmakers that they need to adopt an immediate freeze on greenhouse gases in order to fight global warming. According to Gore, the star of the film An Inconvenient Truth, the science is settled. Carbon-dioxide emissions from cars, power plants, buildings and other sources are heating the Earth’s atmosphere. If left unchecked, global warming could lead to a drastic change in the weather, sea levels and other aspects of the environment. These are the conclusions of a vast majority of scientists who study the issue.But are they real scientific conclusions, or a hoax perpetrated on an unwary and poorly informed public? Recently someone hacked into the Emails of the world’s top global warming proponents. Those Emails and other documents revealed that these grifters have been fabricating climate change data for years and using deception to hide any facts that might contradict their trumped up findings.There are three primary revelations in the leaked Emails that could shed the light of truth on their deception: First is the realization that leaders in the climate change field have been discussing how they could avoid releasing their data to outsiders under freedom of information laws.They have devised every possible excuse for concealing the data on which their findings were based, including the claim that much of the data had simply gotten “lost.” Some of the Emails advised scientists to delete large chunks of data. It is a felony to delete information after a freedom of information request has been issued.The second revelation found within the leaked documents is that scientists have been manipulating data through their computer programs to point to their predetermined conclusion and manipulating global temperature data to show a large spike in warming.Third is the way in which these flimflam artists have conspired to silence any member of the scientific community that questions their findings or their methodsIn light of these incredible revelations, it becomes evident that the snake oil salesmen have been working overtime, not on behalf true scientific inquiry, but rather on behalf of a different cause; that of total domination of the world economy and the enslavement of humanity.
The former Chancellor Lord Lawson of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, called for an independent inquiry into the skulduggery revealed by the Email leaks: “Our hopelessly compromised scientific establishment cannot be allowed to get away with a whitewash of what has become the greatest scientific scandal of our age.” Any and all legislation that limits access to fossil fuels and raises the cost of energy to combat a nonexistent global warming agenda must be stopped. Cap and Trade legislation cannot be allowed to move forward in Congress. Any treaty that comes out of the Copenhagen summit must not be ratified. Anyone who intentionally perpetrates the global warming hoax on the American people should be thoroughly discredited and thrown in jail. You too, Al.


2 thoughts on “The perpetrators of world’s greatest scientific hoax should go to jail”

  1. You forgot the oldest recorded and most infamous fraud of all, the oldest scam in the book, literally. The "Tower Of Babel."

    All humanity was to submit to the authority and direction of the rulinig elite, and to dedicate all it's efforts to building a tower that would prevent a future occurance of the flood, which was believed to be a recurring natural disaster which humans could avoid by building a tower.

    Nimrod conned all the world into building a tower (the Tower of Babel) to hold up the sky to prevent the next “sky quake,” like the one that caused the last great flood, which was sure to happen again in just 1656 years if all humanity didn’t make preventing it their sole occupation.

    Al Bore and his partners in crime at the UN are trying to con America and the gullible of the world to dedicate all their energies toward stopping “Global Warming,” because we must work together to avert world wide climate disaster, which conveniently involves another flood, as well.

    Gore’s god is nature, to which humans must bow in order to be saved.

    One major difference, though, between then and now is that this time most of humanity wants nothing to do with what they know is to be a scam.

    xposted from a comment to Debbie Schlussel

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