Cold Kills

Much is made of the deaths worldwide when caused by heat. However, just as many, if not more, die from cold weather. From the September 2007 edition of Discover magazine, Bjorn Lomborg writes:

While 35,000 dead is a terrifyingly large number, all deaths imageshould in principle be treated with equal concern. Yet this is not happening. When 2,000 people died from heat in the United Kingdom, it produced a public outcry that is still heard. However, the BBC recently ran a very quiet story telling us that deaths caused by cold weather in England and Wales for the past years have hovered around 25,000 each winter, casually adding that the winters of 1998–2000 saw about 47,000 cold deaths each year. … It is remarkable that a single heat-death episode of 35,000 from many countries can get everyone up in arms, whereas cold deaths of 25,000 to 50,000 a year in just a single country pass almost unnoticed.

So as to not let these deaths go unnoticed, check out these headlines:

The amount of carbon in the atmosphere hasn’t dropped. It has continued to rise. Yet the world is experiencing record cold and snow. In the last week, America alone set 1200 new records for cold and snow. More will die because of cold temperatures, but we are supposed to surrender our property to stop warming predicted by climate models that didn’t see this cold coming. Do you see now why I question the whole global warming climate change climate instability movement? Photo Credit: D Sharon PruittSource by Duane Lester

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