Comments on the BC Carbon Tax Scam

By Justin Credible

Well now, look at that. Seems almost NOBODY is falling for the carbon scam anymore! Check out the comments from the Toronto Star editorial on the BC carbon tax election discussion:


i am really getting tired of david suzuki and his cult followers telling me how to live my life and why i should like being taxed to the point of why work. a tax is a tax no matter what and if the ndp win in bc and do away the tax all the better, by the way i am not an ndp supporter but i hate taxes. Submitted by jackson at 4:48 PM Wednesday, April 15 2009

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I STRONGLY SUGGEST everyone watches the British Documentary ” The Great Global Warming Swindle. Submitted by Rebel at 4:27 PM Wednesday, April 15 2009 Don’t be fooled here..This is nothing more than the RICH and the Political Elites trying to control the lives of the common man..Millions of dollars are to be made trading Carbon credits and the RICH will get Richer and the poor will get poorer straddled by higher energy costs..Just 1 of Al Gores mansions uses more electricty than some small towns. The rich and Hollywood crowd will continue to have their mansions, limos and private jets, while we languish in the dark..It’s all about making money and ensuring the powerful keep their lifestyles at our expense.. THE OLD PHRASE LET THEM EAT CAKE COMES TO MIND. Submitted by Rebel at 4:25 PM Wednesday, April 15 2009
Gavin Schmidt and RealClimate are owned and funded by Envrinomental Media Services, a radical left wing political lobby group. Schmidt is also funded by the Goracle. 1935 is still the hottest temp on record, those you cited have all been debunked in And graph of average temps from 1998-2008 will show a drop in temps, even RealClimate has had no choice but to admit it. Solar scientists are saying that the sun has gone into a calmer stage and we are set for 20-30 years of cooling. Your list of supporting scientists is evaporating fast. Submitted by JRWakefield at 4:09 PM Wednesday, April 15 2009
There is no evidence at all for any of what you seem to think is because of AGW. Hell, the models prior to 1998 did not predict this past 10 years of cooling, only after the fact did they include that in their models and claimed they predicted all along. The list of scientists, including from the IPCC are coming forth and saying AGW is just not happening. Submitted by JRWakefield at 4:03 PM Wednesday, April 15 2009
Antarctic ice-caps explained . . . . . . . . . . . and from NASA . . Submitted by Quantum_Solace at 3:13 PM Wednesday, April 15 2009
I’m going to try posting again as the Star had issues with my most recent post. Basically what I said was leaders of the Green Movement, in particular Mr. Gore, live lavish lifestyles with huge mansions, and private jets. Mr. Gore also runs an environmental company wherein he buys carbon offsets to exempt his carbon footprint. Mr. Suzuki has five kids and travels around in a diesel spewing bus making money lecturing. Hallelujah! Praise the environment and donate more! Cheques and money orders accepted. Submitted by Wallhouse Wart at 2:05 PM Wednesday, April 15 2009

A Tax on Life

Any form of carbon tax is a tax on life, as we are carbon based life forms; all botanists know CO2 is the basis of all plant life and life in general. AGW is now old science, and science must change as new facts come to light. With record CO2 levels we have had a decade of declining temperatures, this should not be happening if CO2 is a significant temperature forcing factor !!! It is interesting that our Sun has had no sun spots for 7 months, something that hasn’t happened since the little ice age beginning about 1650. Submitted by Quantum_Solace at 1:29 PM Wednesday, April 15 2009

“Cap and Trade” proves “Climate Change” is a Hoax

How can a “scheme” (aka ponzi scheme) that increased Europe’s ghg emissions be taken seriously. Al Gore will make a mint brokering the tax collection and ghg emissions will increase. Do global governments think we’re stupid enough to believe they “are tackling a problem”. Give me a break. Submitted by Kelsey at 12:04 PM Wednesday, April 15 2009
Any new tax right now, especially one like the hated carbon tax that hits the middle class very hard, is high risk to further damage the economy. The current recession has clarified the thinking of the public; they would prefer to have a job rather than seeing politically correct tinkering with the tax system by enforcing a concept based on pseudo science propagated by unemployeed tree huggers. By the way, three years ago, the same politically correct were also predicting the end of snow in Toronto due to global warming. I guess the last two hard winters were just an illusion! Submitted by Marching On at 10:43 AM Wednesday, April 15 2009 A Carbon tax does NOTHING for the environment. Did you know that when each one of us exhales, 40% of what we exhale is Carbon dioxide? Compare that to the air which surrounds us – that contains only .03% Carbon dioxide. Do we have to pay a tax to exhale?? There is more stupidity behind a carbon tax than any other tax. In a decade from now, we will look back and realize our fear of carbon dioxide was the most ridiculous thing in the history of humans. Submitted by aMacFan2 at 10:43 AM Wednesday, April 15 2009
Fact is people the planet has not warmed since 1998, 2008 was the coldest winter in 10 years. Climate models can’t predict anything and are nothing more than “what if” computer games. The planet is simply not behaving as the warmmongers predicted. The list of scientists who challenge AGW is growing into the hundreds. Get the facts,,, for starters. Example of 100 scientists who sent a letter to Obama: Submitted by JRWakefield at 9:45 AM Wednesday, April 15 2009If environmentalists and economists think for one second that a carbon tax, cap & trade or any other creative way of raising taxes will go to alternate energy, they are crazy. Think about it. Do you know of any dedicated tax that goes to it’s intended destination? Tire tax, McGuinty health tax, fishing & car license. They ALL go to general revenue and the government spends it from there. The goal of new energy taxes is to make it so expensive, we’ll stop using so much and reduce pollution. I’ll grab an enviromentalist to chop wood for my fire, wave a fan at me in a heat wave and feed my dog sled team. Submitted by sailor at 8:33 AM Wednesday, April 15 20091) there already is a carbon tax, look at those pic charts when next time you bill up yur car 2) there will be more carbon tax when Ontario harmonizes PST & GST 3) as if enacting Kyoto without China , India and other emerging coal fire polluters and would have had any impact other than increase the size of government and reduce my stnadard of living. As for the the NDP flip flops- they are politicains aren’t they ? i guess the only consistent voices are the Suziki/Gore environmental lunatic fringe and the Star Submitted by nolib at 7:20 AM Wednesday, April 15 2009Personally, I feel that we are going to discover that global warming has been the biggest hoax ever played on the world. Saying that, an article in Wired is also supporting a carbon tax period. Their reasons – it would eliminate three types of parasites such as marketers intent on cashing in on anything green, government bureaucrats bestowing indulgences on politicians for their friends, and the Wall Street crowd looking for the next big thing to scam us on. It’s no surprise that the biggest pushers for the Green Movement are heavily invested in green technology/consulting and publishing. Make no mistake, this is a big money making endeavor and those pushing it should be viewed by the general public with just as much suspicion as the oil industry. Submitted by Wallhouse Wart at 7:16 AM Wednesday, April 15 2009

Taxing air

Now they will tax the air we breathe. Submitted by McBain at 6:35 AM Wednesday, April 15 2009the carbon tax is a tax on everything and don’t believe any politican who tells you otherwise. It will cause inflation and eventually higher interest rates. The cap and trade scheme is an energy tax pure and simple. Of course the Star reports the comments of a columnist for the left wing New York Times as part of its support of the carbon tax. The U.S. is going through this discussion and there is not much support for a cap and trade system in the Congress. Mr. Obama’s environmental policy is being reworked at this every moment. Submitted by hollinm at 6:17 AM Wednesday, April 15 2009

This is getting funny

The only reason the B.C. N.D.P. is opposing the tax is because they smell victory over the B.C. liberals-this tax is a farce and they know it. The funniest part is watching Suzuki reacting to these turn-coats, his former left wing friends. Submitted by toady at 5:59 AM Wednesday, April 15 2009

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  1. Come on, CO2 accounts a lot of what we exhale compared to the atmosphere. CO2 regulates the pH of our blood. If CO2 weren't there, the pH of blood would easily change and that is life-threatening so any carbon tax is like a war on life itself and the world.

  2. I feel that this hole thing is becoming a joke not only about the carbon tax but overall the enviroment stuff. I fel that yes we need to preserve the enviroment and all but let's not be a bunch of ipocrites. Here I am listening this Fing 100 miles diet desing to save the enviroment , be green and support the local economy but yet the same f ing people that are pushing for that are driving arround with a foren built car and the farmers have foreing farm euipment. Hey if your going to puch that, buy local farm equipment save the envirement by local vehicule support canadian jobs and so on. This hole thing that is going on in BC is giving me an headict andit's a real joke. I myself is not perfect but boy I bet at the end of the day I'm more green then the onces that are going arround sayying green green green

  3. I wonder if Campbell and his minions should be next to be sued for fraud. Al Gore may be sued by 30,000 scientists and the guy who founded the Weather network. I hope this scam comes full circle and campbell has to suck up his lies.

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