DESMOG.ME: Your one-stop climate shop

By Justin Credible, ILCD Editor

David Suzuki and his greenwashed sheep should take note: We’re fighting back.

As of today, I’ve launched, a very simple one-stop climate news shop for all the latest headlines and links around the web. Think of it as a giant RSS feed of all your favourite skeptic sites, so you no longer have to log onto each site one by one to check out today’s news.

I hope you find the site useful and I hope you especially like the name of it! I’d pay money to see the reaction from our counterparts at DeSmogBlog once they stumble across it! And here’s the best part: I run these websites from a location here in Vancouver that is only a few blocks away from those irrational hippies at DeSmogBlog.

I snatched up the domain name from the increasingly popular dot-ME registry and have been holding onto it for a while, but now I’m making it public. As The Daily Bayonet would say, “hippie heads are going to explode.”

I have also set the search bar to search ALL the websites listed in the sidebar. I hope this setup is helpful to many of you who look for info on climate topics, as you can easily search dozens of websites instantly. It should make things very easy for researchers and also just the curious!

The choice of live feeds on the main part of the page were chosen simply because they are sites which are updated regularly, therefore each time you visit it will be full of the latest breaking news and views. I will add a feed to those who request, and their content is relevant to the climate change hoax. (Your site has to allow RSS feeds, of course)

The site is slowly being developed to include more goodies soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you’d like your realist website, blog, product, or article to be featured on the top “featured link” please send an email to justin [at] and I’d be happy to plug you.



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