Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, March 27th 2009

By The Daily Bayonet This week sees the return of the weekly round-up, in which I serve up a cornucopia of climate skepticism with a side of snark. Grab a coffee, none of that fair trade crap; the links start now.

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

Al Gore is a super-genius. Not only was he able to amass a huge fortune from his global warming scam, he then wrestled away a Nobel prize from some aged Nazi opponent and has found a new way to make money from fearful hippies with, gasp, a new book. Called ‘Our Choice’ promises to:

… utilizes Mr. Gore’s forty years of experience as a student, policymaker, author, filmmaker, entrepreneur and activist to comprehensively describe the real solutions to global warming.

The ‘Our Choice’ movie will star Leonardo DiCaprio as the student Al Gore as we follow him flunking seminary and university. It will feature special effects from many famous Hollywood blockbusters.

Al Gore selflessly inhales a victims CO2 emissions to save the planet

In better news, the Goreacle has deigned to allow some press at one of his events. No questions, but still this is an improvement on his usual conehead of silence routine.Debate, what debate?


Thirsty, drink from Al approved water-bottles. I wonder if he makes money from these too?

Oh, and David Suzuki is a still a hippie, but is unlinkworthy this week. In case you thought I’d forgotten him.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

The Catlin Arctic Survey, made the following report from their expedition:

“We’re hungry, the cold is relentless, our sleeping bags are full of ice,” expedition leader Pen Hadow said in a statement e-mailed yesterday by his team. “Waiting is almost the worst part of an expedition as we’re in the lap of the weather gods.”

Was it ‘weather gods’, or the Gore Effect? I provide, you decide.

Earth Hour is coming! This Saturday night, at 8.30 local time wherever you are, credulous fools and hippies will be in the dark. This is an excellent opportunity to take a walk around your neighborhood to find out where all the morons live, which if you ask me is important information to have at hand in case of disaster.Canada is selling an eco-terrorists ship out from under him. Paul Watson, the lunatic eco-nut owner has threatened to seize the vessel back from whomever buys it. If Somalian pirates outbid the competition, buy popcorn. Or a whale-burger.Seasheparrrrd

Carbon Dioxide is a danger to the public? Obama’s EPA wants you to think so. Who knew that tree-food was so toxic?

Here is some green-on-green red meat for my readers. Solar power? Not In My Back Yard!

Al Gore has a lot to answer for. Science or religion? Religion, of course.

Greens, warmists and sundry alarmists are horrified, HORRIFIED about the Tata Nano. Because brown people should not be allowed to advance economically without Al Gore’s permission. Just ask an African.

A managerial bore has his dysfunction validated in the UK. Because it’s science, and it’s settled, see.

CNN alum Peter Dykstra gets taken apart by Dr. Roy Spencer. If any reader knows why CNN, a cable network, has ‘News’ in it’s name, please leave a comment.

Do warmists exaggerate? Global warming will killl 6 billion. You think that might be a tad over the top?
Perhaps not, the UK wants to get rid of 30 million right away. Thoughts on how to achieve that here.

Carbon kills polar bears. Not really, but greens love to scare children.

Doomed bear

Canada’s Green Party leader, ‘Dizzy’ Lizzy May, declares that we only have hours to save the planet, which is exactly what her dentist told her about her teeth.

The EPA, President Obama’s green squad, will have to look for a new deputy chief after Jon Cannon upheld a new but surprisingly popular tradition of withdrawing from an Obamanomination.

Did you know that the Democrats porkulus bill supports lawyers fighting against new, tough emissions standards? Heh.

CO2, safe, sustainable and non-toxic. Someone get the talking points to that guy, stat!

St. Andrews, Scotland. Scene of a rout in debate with climate weenies. The scaremongers won the name-calling segment, no word on how the swimsuit round went.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

A favorite theme for green alarmists is that the Maldives are sinking. Inconveniently for them, not so much, actually.

Hybrid car sales have collapsed faster than James Hansen’s credibility at a common sense convention.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee uses an inadvisable synchronized swimming analogy as they cast doubt on the global warming theory. While I admit that nose-plugs are often necessary around hippies, I don’t think rosy-cheeked swimmers with rictus grins help a skeptic’s case. Just sayin’.

This is to sport as AGW is to reality.

Al Gore and the alarmists are losing the argument as a real crisis takes the wind from the AGW sails.

Obama promised a green job boom. Were you green enough to believe that? Suckers.

A new version of The Skeptics Handbook is available, it’s free. Unlike anything Al Gore puts out.

700 scientists are now on the record against the AGW hoax. Pretty soon we’ll be talking numbers that even the greens won’t be able to dismiss.

The global warming hypothesis is dead, scientifically‘. How inconvenient is that?

Steven Milloy has a new book out in May, ‘Green Hell’. Preorder below:


Carbon taxes, revolting enough?

The short theory about why the AGW hoax is wrong.

Laurie Roth is concerned about the mental health of hippies.

Climate change we can believe in, just not right now.

It’s the Sun, stupid.

Skeptic friend Simon from Australian Climate Madness has made epic preparations for Earth Hour.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Dr. Tim Ball gets to be this week’s must read post.

World leaders are listening to the wrong climate experts.

Shell sucks the energy from wind, greens go nuts at losing the shell game.

Mother nature gives the finger to greens and their puny efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

Offset this.

Saving Canada’s oilsands from the rabid green anti-industry lobby.

The EU slaps a tariff on US biodiesel, hungry people may soon eat again.

The BBC is busted for pro-alarmist bias. So is The Times (and The Australian).

Global warming hoax is running out of hot air. Inconvenient.

A UK council rents a plane to peer into citizens energy efficiency so that they may “pay them a visit to educate them about the harm to the environment and measures they can take.”
No mention of if the carbon burned for the exercise in Soviet-style surveillance was offset or not.

Part Five: Global Hottie

This week’s hottie is brought to you because she’s a true believer in AGW. She thinks that changing light bulbs can save the planet, poor thing. However, she is dangerously cute and worthy of being a global hottie. Skeptics, say hello to Natalie Portman; she might be dumb but she’s hot.


That’s all folks, have a safe and well-lit weekend.

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