Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, May 15th 2009

By The Daily Bayonet

Thursday already, which means it’s time for your round-up, and my meds. This week I invented the iPuritan. Just for you. Also lots of skeptic juice in the links this week, and a spottie in Part Five. Don’t forget to return to Part One after you’ve snuck a peek. Part One: Al Gore & Friends Tennessee is contemplating a statue for Al Gore, and they’re not kidding. Readers with an artistic bent might want to make suggestions for the sculpture here. I think the whole idea would be better if we used technology to capture the real Al Gore in carbonite, of all things.

carbon capture we can believe incarbon capture we can believe in

The global warming crowd’s spiritual leader purchased a new home in San Francisco, near the Mission district in hippie central. Unfortunately for Al, some bozo has claimed that the area his shiny new condo is in will be under water because Americans like to have second homes. Or something. Just a thought, but why does Al need another house? It’s not as if he’s got the old one under control yet. Al Gorewell; 1984: The movie. More fun than An Inconvenient Truth, really. The Goreacle is still smarting about those pesky questions about how many millions he stands to make if cap and bend over passes in the US. Don’t make Al angry, you wouldn’t like him if he’s angry. If ‘deniers’, outnumber ‘believers’, then who exactly are the deniers now? Al’s losing, and the hippies are restless. Gross distortions. I’m not talking about the stresses on Al’s wardrobe, but the exaggerations and outright scientific misrepresentations in his Oscar winning slide show. Chu this one over, Gore. Tom Nelson skewers the greens on their own, err, skewer.

Mar ‘08: Gore suggests we already have the technology

“We have to stop this, and the truth is we can,” Gore said. “We have the technology. If we just had one week’s worth of what we spend on the Iraq war we could be well on our way to solving this challenge.”

May ‘09: Secretary Chu says we NEED the technology “Starting today, the Department of Energy is accepting proposals for energy R&D projects that “disrupt the status quo. The Nation needs transformational energy-related technologies to overcome the threats posed by climate change and energy security, arising from its reliance on traditional uses of fossil fuels and the dominant use of oil in transportation.”

Finally, Canada’s ecotool and wannabe Stalinist David Suzuki decides Bush whacking is still relevant. He likes that Obama is talking to Cuba, but then all Commies like other commies getting some recognition. Other than that he has stuff to say about endangered species. I guess Dave missed this news. All I know is that most endangered species are delicious, but avoid spicy sauces. Part Two: AGW Scaremongers
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