SUN heats EARTH, EARTH heats ATMOSPHERE – not the other way around

By Hans Schreuder

A definitive chapter on the fallacy of man-made global warming/climate change.

After all is said and done, it will be found that carbon dioxide does not and can not affect either the global temperature or climate change. Carbon dioxide has no climate forcing effect and is not a greenhouse gas and neither is water vapour.

The only worthwhile source of warmth for planet earth is our Sun, warming all of the land and all of the seas, which then warm the atmosphere – not the other way around; the atmosphere does not warm the earth.

[…] it is necessary to understand that the underlying drive for control over the use of energy is based on the principles set out in the United Nation’s Agenda 21 [8] as well as two other relevant agendas [9], [10]. When the idea of blaming carbon dioxide came to be understood by those who wished to wield their control over global affairs, the wheels of political manipulation were set in motion via the UNFCCC. All Western governments subscribed to the ideals without understanding the deeper meaning of the hidden agendas and lured by the promise of huge subsidies, taxation and green job creation schemes.

Hans Schreuder

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