Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, May 8th, 2009

By The Daily Bayonet

Welcome to the first round-up at the new site. I hope you like the look as much as the skeptic juice, I can tell you it was a lot easier to write in wordpress than it ever was in typepad, but you don’t care about that. Onwards to (almost) 100 stories, articles and stuff the greens preferred you didn’t pay attention to. What are you waiting for, get busy. Part One: Al Gore and Friends Al Gore got a little tetchy on his blog about evil deniers and referred them to his good friend and eco-lunatic Jim Hansen’s GISS site, or, as it will be known from here on, the GISS re-education camp. It’s easy to understand why Al has no time for people messing with his carefully constructed plans, he’s got a fortune to make. Another fortune, that is. Marc Morano is the carbuncle on Al’s butt that just won’t go away. Enjoy the skeptic goodness when you add some Ingraham to a dash of Morano on the topic of the AGW prophet profiteer. How inconvenient: Al Gore, Global Warming and Truth Al Gore saved the planet, since he released his movie, global temperatures have plummeted. Good job, Al.

walk the line, or elsewalk the line, or else

It’s a bunfight, the question: Why do conservatives hate Al Gore? The answers, priceless. You know, I remember that Al Gore, Nobel prize winner, told us that the debate was over, and he was right. This will leave a mark:

Al Gore should be ashamed that he equated cap-and-trade legislation with civil rights legislation. Civil rights legislation was used to give equal rights to those who had been oppressed and abused and to allow them economic freedom and democracy. Cap and trade will take away rights and punish everyone economically.

Canadian hippie, totalitarian and heartless businessman, David Suzuki, was caught not telling the whole truth, or making stuff up, as we used to call it. Emperor Suzuki also issued a diktat that inconveniences caused by the green lunatic agenda are not real sacrifices, so shut up. Regular readers will know that I consider Prince Charles to be on the same intellectual plane as a carrot. His nonsense about organic food and global warming are legend. But this week Prince Chucklehead made a video, and he went full Bono and gathered his celebrity friends, his son and that Hewitt boy too. Here’s the video, just because it’s interesting to see how many famous people can look dumb by comparison when the only other thing in the shot is a frog. Part Two: AGW Scaremongers
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