The Myth of Global Warming and Melting Icebergs

By The Heartland Institute

The following letter from John Brandt was triggered by the book “Is the US Surface Temperature Record Reliable?” by Anthony Watts and published by the Heartland Institute. The book contains more than 100 photos from a network of 1,221 climate-monitoring stations overseen by the National Weather Service, a department of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Mr. Watts – a veteran of 25 years in broadcast meteorology – found monitoring stations so incompetently positioned (e.g. next to the exhaust fans of air conditioning units) that 9 of every 10 stations likely are reporting higher or rising temperatures because of poor siting, not because of rising US temperatures.

You can download a PDF version of Mr. Watts’ study here.

Here’s Mr. Brandt’s letter:

I am John Brandt, age 81, who in 1945 served aboard the USCG Cutter Mojave in the North Atlantic, home base Argentia, Newfoundland. Our mission was to chart ice bergs and ice fields, and as radio operator sent by CW radio to Navy NWP who in turn notified all ships at sea.

A New York friend had sent me your story by Anthony Watts regarding the falsehood of temperature-recording stations relating to global warming.

I sent the following to my NY friend:

My six months charting icebergs and ice fields in the north atlantic aboard the USCG cutter Mojave (I was radio opr) in 1945 is also important. I saw perhaps 50+ icebergs ranging in size from 25 feet to a half mile in diameter! The ice fields were sometimes 3 miles in diameter and consisted of pieces of ice with 2 to 4 feet sticking above the surface and all bunched together.

We would sail through the ice fields at 2 knots with the constant banging of the ice against the bow and sides of the cutter. The longitude/lattitude was passed to me in the radio shack, and I would send the locations of all by CW morse code to Navy in Argentia, Newfoundland. They in turn would broadcast the info to all commercial ships at sea from NY to England, etc.

All those ice fields and icebergs broke off the polar ice shelf. I was told by the old timers aboard ship, it happens every year.

Listening to Al Gore, one would believe it just happened for the first time ever!

I believe the story of global warming drummed up by Al Gore is plain “Manure”. If someone could please send my email to Anthony Watts I could
live the rest of my short years in peace. The unreliable government temperature charts coupled with my personal experience 64 years ago are proof positive that Mr Gore’s beliefs are Not True.

Thanking you in advance


Message forwarded with thanks, Mr. Brandt.

One thought on “The Myth of Global Warming and Melting Icebergs”

  1. AGW alarmists talk about icebergs as long as you don't mention to them how most of ice of icebergs is below water, so them melting results in lower sea levels (water takes less space than ice). As soon as you mention that, they "shift" their alarmism to claiming most of the ice affected is glaciers above water.

    After you tell them CO2 is beneficial to plants etc. etc. and once you have basically debunked all their "science", their last resort is "peak oil": They then say Ok, global warming isn't real, it's a hoax, but by limiting CO2 output "we" limit the amount of natural resources "we" deplete, save on energy costs etc. etc.

    But peak oil is a lie just aswell. The idea of "peak production" of oil was based on *declining* use of oil due to more energy efficiency, not on oil wells dying up. And even if oil were gone, there's mountains of coal to burn, after that there's literally mountains of uranium to burn (as much uranium resources in the world as there is copper resources) and to reprocess to last for hundreds of years for nuclear power, and should, in, say 1000 years all uranium be "depleted", then the Moon holds gigantic amounts of helium 3 to be used for nuclear fusion reactors. There is NO limit!

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