Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Nov. 19th 2009

This week the round-up finds political hackery, partisan shenanigans and something called climate justice. Some Germans wonder how to get America’s attention (which might make Poland nervous) and Hopenchangen in Copenhagen is even more doomed than the planet. All this and a hottie besides in this week’s linkapalooza.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore continued his carbon-spewing Chicken Soup for Hippies book tour this week, but something went terribly wrong. In Boca Raton, FL and Portland, OR, the propheteer was booed and heckled. Shocking enough, but it was covered in the local press. And you thought America’s media put the ‘press’ in ’suppress’. Times do change and Al’s iron grip on the ‘climate crisis’ agenda is slipping. Tom Nelson has been taking a closer look at Our Choice, Al’s newest screed and discovers that the Goreacle not only refuses to acknowledge the large yellow ball in the sky, but he also cannot help using scary faked pictures. It’s a habit of his, you know. Newsweek ran a puff piece on Gore, and they got letters. Lots of letters, of which 74% were critical of Al. But Newsweek didn’t print any of those flat-earther, keep Al poor activist screeds. Newsweek will change it’s title to Leftweak 2010.

where's William Tell when you need him?where’s William Tell when you need him?

Will Al stop avoiding debate if there is enough green in it for him? And by green, I mean money. But you knew that. But it wasn’t supposed to be like this when Al Repowered America. Set your VCR’s, Al’s on 30 Rock tonight (Thursday). Remember, ‘Green Week’ on NBC is just GE’s way of lobbying for government welfare. Al is a partisan hack and to prove it he sees constructive debate where even the New York Times sees political shenanigans:

Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat of California, the committee’s chairwoman and co-sponsor of the bill, employed a rarely used exception to customary committee rules to muscle the 959-page measure through her panel. She conducted three days of hearings last week on the bill, known as S. 1733, but there was no debate on the complex measure, nor any chance for panel members to offer amendments. Mrs. Boxer said that the E.P.A. had already conducted a preliminary analysis of the bill and that further study would be costly and duplicative. She said it was necessary to bypass the committee’s rule that required Republican participation because of Republican intransigence and the urgency of the issue.

Gorebots in Oregon became worried that Tea Party protestors might outnumber them. Happy Days. More good coverage of the anti-Gore movement at MoveOnDotGore. Canada’s own hippie evil genius, David Suzuki, is given a chance to host a show on the CBC, or Can-Jazeera as we Canucks like to call the government’s $1billion leftard employment program.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Global warming killed spaghetti. Add it to the list. Global warming alarmists have turned environmentalism into a neoreligion, even Jon Stewart said so. How fitting then that church bells ring out for Gaia. The Guardian wonders how only 7% of Americans can block the march of socialism global warming action. What they really mean is that democracy is a bitch for giving inconvenient red states a fair shake. A condescending patronage Brit suggests that grubby Aussies should get with the rest of the gullible nations and stop asking awkward questions already. The CDC, spreading climate alarmism. You’d think maybe frightening folks about H1N1 might be enough for one agency, but you’d be wrong. Eco-terrorist Paul Watson has a new boat to attack whalers from. Maybe Canada can confiscate that one, too. it's too cool for an ecoloon Jolly Prince Chuckles has departed Canada (finally) and is off to some other part of the world that likes to be visited by inbred Royals with dodgy taste in wives. Before he left Canada, he did remember to tell us that the world only has 92 months before it explodes. Or something.Click on over to The Daily Bayonet to read the rest!

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