Stop promoting the global warming myth

Incredibly, there are still pundits like Ann McFeatters promoting the human-caused, carbon dioxide-caused, global warming myth. They demand governmental action to limit human carbon dioxide emissions. Why? Some are just naive. Some are self-anointed environmentalists like Al Gore, taking financial or political positions that will keep them employed or fabulously wealthy if carbon dioxide emissions are politically controlled. Scientific conclusions are not determined by vague, political claims of scientific consensus, but by hard, reproducible facts. Saying most scientists agree that human-caused carbon dioxide emissions affect global temperatures is simply pre-empting honest analyses. Many scientists and hard data suggest the earth may actually be cooling, as was generally accepted just 30 years ago. There is no scientific evidence that human activity produces carbon dioxide emissions sufficient to affect global temperatures. Water vapor is by far the predominant greenhouse gas. Atmospheric water vapor concentration ranges up to 4 percent, lower at the poles. Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration from all sources is only 0.038 percent. Human contribution to this clearly is insignificant in affecting global temperature. When a political, quasi-scientific organization like the Environmental Protection Agency promotes man-caused global warming, it’s responding to political pressure, not giving scientific analysis. Organizations, including NASA, have been caught replacing October data with September data to create the illusion of warming. Temperature measuring stations have been positioned near air-conditioner units to falsify data. Claims of scientific evidence are bogus unless supported by incontrovertible analysis. The term “global warming” is being replaced by “climate change.” Why? Because even politicians know data from the past decade suggests the earth is cooling. However, dishonest politicians and scientists have political and financial interest in promoting the myth. Let’s stop blindly accepting their propaganda as reality and look at facts. Feel free to think! Marvin P. Mathiak Knoxville


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