Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, June 12th 2009

By The Daily Bayonet

It’s time for skeptics to smile again, the regular round-up of all things warm, toasty and positively hoaxy is here. It’s a bumper edition this week, so a well padded seat and extra-large beverage is recommended. Part One: Al Gore & Friends Warmists were blessed for a second consecutive week when Profiteer Prophet Al Gore blogged. I know that posting on a blog isn’t as dramatic as appearing on a mountain top with an armload of stones, but it’s greener, right? Anyways, back to the Goreacle’s post, which recommendeth the Grist:

“The Alliance [ for Climate protection] recently brought on other veterans of national political campaigns: Steve Hildebrand, the Obama campaign’s deputy national campaign director, is working as a consultant for the project. Steve Bouchard, a veteran of the 2004 and 2008 Democratic presidential campaigns, is campaign manager for the Alliance. Brian Rogers, spokesperson for John McCain’s presidential campaign last year, has come on board as research director.”

Wasn’t global warming supposed to be about settled science? It sure looks political when you look at the list above. In awkward juxtaposition, Al’s beloved Grist issued a correction for an article on West Virginia. And then another one, because Grist doesn’t know where West Virginia is, but it can tell you what to think about the climate. Did the Gore Effect land in Melbourne, Australia? I report, you decide. Related, Gore’s speaking engagement wasn’t quite as non-partisan as it appeared. From the not-at-all-funny-department, two Gore employees have been sentenced to hard labor in North Korea. Al might go do something about that. From the OK-I-can’t-help-myself-department, prisoner exchange? Please?

repower North Korea?repower North Korea?

Nothing screams planet-in-peril ‘crisis’ like interpretive dance. It’s a little known fact that every major crisis in history has needed a slideshow, $300 million in advertising, an opera and dance before it was taken seriously, right? Oh, well, nevermind, this is Crisis 2.0 and it needs dance, because the planet is doomed and it’s your fault. Gore friend and aged hippie David Suzuki demonizes travel in order to make you think twice about leaving the house. Some scary facts:

Almost every American will be injured in a car crash during his/her lifetime. 50,000 North Americans die annually in car crashes. 3,000,000 North Americans are seriously injured annually in car crashes. Today’s average vehicle sold in North America gets worse gas mileage than a Model T.


An inconvenient fact:

Political activist David Suzuki — on a cross-country tour urging Canadians and politicians to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions — may want to look in his own backyard before lecturing Canadians on how they’re destroying the Earth. With all the alternative-energy modes of transportation out there, Suzuki and his entourage are crossing Canada in a sprawling, “rock-star-style” diesel-burning tour bus, emitting more greenhouse gases during his 30-day tour than many of us do in a year.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers Radical environmentalists are calling Canada a ‘bully’ on global warming. Which is a bit like calling synchronized swimming a sport, if you ask me.
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