Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, April 10th 2009

By The Daily Bayonet

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Justin, AKA the tree.

Holy Thursday it’s Easter already, and how better to enjoy a good Good Friday than with some climate skepticism. Enjoy your weekly summary, I know I did.

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

Al Gore, profiteer prophet and leader of the cult of climate crisis met privately with Mormon leaders this week. I suspect he’s giving them tips on how to send the Church of LDS mainstream.Credulous morons watched Al’s slideshow and were immediately terrified of catastrophic sea level rise that has been long discredited. Spare a thought for Al, he lost this year’s Hypocrite of the Year Award to Peta. Does he ever finish first, ever?Klockarman’s Al Gore /AIT Index falls again after a hopeful uptick last month.

If only he could swim. oh, wait.

Coral Ridge Ministries, another religious outfit, has a short piece on Al Gore Rhythms. Heh.


David Suzuki, Canada’s own cuddly eco-totalitarian is getting attacked. By other environmentalists. If you think I’m hard on Suzuki, you should see how vicious the green-on-green action can get.

Joe Romm Special Section
Joe Romm is a Fellow at the Center for American Progress and writes alarmist end-of-the-world nonsense at Climate Progress. He has been in the green news this week because he suffered the embarrassment of having his head handed to him in a television debate with Marc Morano, former spokesman for James Inhofe.
(this is Part 2, for Part 1 click here)

See the difference between an alarmist and a skeptic? The alarmist is the name-calling emotional clown and the skeptic is the calm dude. Having science on your side will do that. Anyhow, not content with being embarrassed by his defeat, Romm decided to banish Morano from his site in a petty act worthy of any 13 year old girl. He also attacked Newsbusters for calling him out on a silly claim that wind power employs more people than the coal industry. They debunk that claim here.Joe Romm, far more entertaining than James Hanson, if not quite as dangerous. With alarmists like this leading the AGW scam, it won’t be long before the whole thing collapses in a heap of wailing asshats.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Emma Watson is a young actress famous for playing Harry Potter’s wannabe main squeeze with the awkward name of Hormonia, or something. She once wrote a school project on Hurricane Katrina and global warming, so naturally Greenpeace wants her to become their global ambassador. It’s magical.Nice wind farm you got there, shame if something should happen to it. Greens in the US have drawn up a map to show renewable energy producers where not to go.Greenpeace Canada, giving kids the radiation pills they need.IPCC predictions ‘A Classic Case of Alarmism’:

An inconvenient graph
anyone for a game of hockey stick?

Barack Obama, President of the World, may limit the size of cruise ships around Antarctica. This is bad news for greens as the cost of luxury jaunts on carbon-spewing clunkers is likely to go up, on the other hand it will reduce the number of rescues required each year.

Hillary Clinton, a woman so smart that she lost the Democratic primaries to President Neophyte, is now a climate expert. More on the Wilkins ice hysteria at ACM.Never mind the science, it’s more alarmism we need. A ‘scientist’ proclaims that there is a correlation between the disappearing Arctic ice and AGW. Inconveniently, his own organization’s research finds otherwise. CCF has more on the story here.Tom Nelson catches the WWF making stuff up. Oddly, the wrestlers that the WWF sued for the rights to the acronym now have more credibility than the panda cuddlers.The Obama administration is looking into geo-engineering to block the sun’s rays. Which is odd, because the greens claim that the sun has nothing to do with global warming, it’s a trace gas that’s to blame. Pen Hadow’s Catlin expedition is in trouble. The global warming in the Arctic has caused frostbite and hypothermia. Perhaps Hadow will require another rescue that puts lives in danger? Or, they could leave him there. Just an idea.Richard Branson, entreprenuer and global ego, believes in AGW:

“Sadly, global warming is a reality”, he said. “The vast majority of scientists believe it, I believe it. Even if they are wrong, as an insurance policy we need to assume the worst”.

Branson is behind green initiatives like launching rockets into space for profit and supporting race cars that sip gas at a miserly 3 miles per gallon. But he’s not a hypocrite, just an idiot.

58 year old virgin
Branson, powerful enough to launch tiny rockets into orbit

Global warming causes killer heatwaves. In Summertime. In Australia. Who knew?Pity the smokers. I used to be one. Not only have smokers been forced outside (not fun in Canada), now greens want to ban the heaters that keep smokers alive. The comparison of greens to puritans is becoming undeniable:

A Puritan Green —someone who is desperately afraid that somebody, somewhere might be having a good time.

President Obama (him again?) wants to ramp up the ethanol industry. Inconveniently the ethanol industry is too busy going out of business to ramp up. Is this what stimulus means?

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

AGW skeptic Chris Horner appeared on Pajama TV and talked alarmist blasphemy for 15 minutes; unfortunately they ran out of time to announce if he won the Anderson Cooper look-alike competition.

Horner1 Ac180
Horner and Cooper… ever seen in the same room?

How to frame an argument even a hippy can understand.

More on the inconvenient ice statistics:

Sea ice at Antarctica is up over 43% since 1980 and we hear nothing in the news, yet Arctic ice is down less than 7% and they’re all over it! We’ve been waiting for the main stream media to pick up on the increase of Antarctic ice but so far they’re been totally absent.

Fred Singer, climate skeptic, on video at Gore Lied. Stick with it, only the first few seconds are in not Austrian.It’s the sun, stupid. Part the first.Bloggers, doing the job the MSM won’t do and tell the other side of the global warming hoax. You’re welcome.Global warming is so bad that snowfall records are being beaten all over North America. It’s the Gore Effect on steroids.Barry Hawaii 5-O’s attempt to fast-track his cap and trade socialist agenda took a swift kick in its soft parts when 26 Democrats joined GOP senators to defeat a prosedural motion.

With the earth cooling at present, the pressing question is not whether Washington saves the planet from global warming. The pressing question is whether Washington destroys the American economy. Thirty-one Democratic senators just voted to do so. The fact that 26 Democratic Senators crossed party lines to vote against quick passage of cap-and-tax is a very good sign for America’s economic future.

Dr. Roy Spencer, still talking sense about the real science of global warming, and this week’s must read link.It’s the sun, stupid. Part the second.

Sun stupid
The Sun. Larger than CO2. By a factor of a lot.

AGW denier and hippy head-popper Marc Morano has launched a new blog aimed at ‘redefining global warming reporting. The dark underbelly of the AGW alarmist agenda, we’re losing freedoms for climate change.New(ish) blogger I Love Carbon Dioxide lays out his manifesto for fighting the greens. There is no truth to the rumor that the blogger behind the site is, in fact, a hungry tree.

Not a blogger
Not Justin, just a tree. Really.

You know what else causes global warming? Aerosols, that’s what. Oh, and NASA research discovered this inconvenient truth. NASA’s spokes-moron James Hanson was unavailable for repeatable comment.Prescient Obama (not a typo) is being called out by pork producers to study the effects of his ethanol love fest. And by pork producers I mean farmers that raise pigs, not Congress.

Makin’ Bacon

It’s the sun, stupid. Part the third.

Livestock, tasty carbon sinks, not planet-destroying fart machines. Cows everywhere celebrate.and in a perfect segway…. Wind power is the future. Oh, wait. Nevermind.Green death cultists want the Earth’s population to be decreased (yet fail to lead the way), while capitalist lackeys at Monsanto just keep making better crops. You just know that hippies everywhere will be angered by farmer’s abilities to keep an inconvenient number of people alive.Wind power is viable and good for the environment. Oh, wait, no it’s not.Aussie greens want old people to die. No, really.Tom Nelson uncovers the self-supporting carbon-trading industry. It’s scammerific!

Part Four: AGW in the News

A Swede blows a raspberry at the newspaper industry for spreading the exaggerated views of a human impact on climate.

Proving the above Swede’s point, in fine style, the LA Times imagines the entire globe as Australia. Which would be pretty cool if it meant we had more Nicole Kidmans around, but that’s not what the LAT has in mind:

“Suicide is high. Depression is huge. Families are breaking up. It’s devastation,” he said, shaking his head. “I’ve got a neighbor in terrible trouble. Found him in the paddock, sitting in his [truck], crying his eyes out. Grown men — big, strong grown men. We’re holding on by the skin of our teeth. It’s desperate times.”

The Irish Times, not to be outdone by Hollywood journo’s cites the old standard of melting arctic ice. Never let a fact spoil a good story, begorrah. Now pour me a Guiness and pass me a freshly oiled Leprechaun.The National Post’s David Dias does some global warming denying of his own and tries to convince himself and depressed hippies everywhere that their AGW scam is not failing. A hint, the corporations he cites as ‘bought in’ will drop the green agenda like a hot rock as soon they’re sure people don’t care. And people don’t care.Canada’s Prime Minister popped some hippy heads with his choice of clean energy envoy to the US. You just know he’s still giggling about that one.A nuclear prof. takes on the AGW crowd:

The computer models used to predict global warming can not duplicate actual conditions in the atmosphere. While carbon dioxide has been increasing at the rate of about one part per million annually the past century, global temperatures have risen, fallen, risen, and now falling the past ten years.

Some news outlets are bucking the trend and still asking awkward questions. Even Newsweek has a nagging doubt.Vanity Fair goes green by cancelling its annual Green Issue, which they claim to be no indicator that people don’t care about the green issues. Sure, OK, whatever.The Globe and Mail’s Rex Murphy points out the inconvenient truth of what is the inevitable outcome if we follow the AGW believers:

“…if people believe the planet is on the path to apocalyptic ruin because of the world’s dependence on petroleum – and that, without exaggeration, is the message of the global warming advocates – then the world’s economies must radically shrink. We must do and have less of everything. We must make less, travel less, buy less – and endure the deeper hardship of more people out of work.”

Part Five: Global Hottie
This week’s hottie is a fair Aussie maiden. So, with apologies to Simon of ACM and his cohorts of antipodean readers, chuck another tinny on the barbie and slather vegemite over yer favorite ‘roo, it’s Nicole Kidman.


That’s a wrap for another week. Have a safe and eggciting Easter weekend, here’s an irreverant bonus video for you:

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