I just shoveled 6 inches of global warming off my driveway

By William D. Zeranski

The UN announced 2000-2009 to be the warmest decade as the country braces for a massive winter storm as reported by Weather Channel:

Winter Blast hauls blizzard, heavy snow, rain

The system that brought heavy snow and gusty winds across the West yesterday will impact much of the rest of the country today and tomorrow. Heavy snow and gusty winds are expected over much of the country.

As of 6 a.m. Eastern time this morning, 22 states were under some advisory, watch, or warning for wind, with 30 states under some sort of advisory, watch, or warning for wintry weather, both stretching from California to Maine.

There’s a list of other nasty weather stories, which include deep snow and low temperatures, and no immediate signs of improvement.

As the climate circus continues to parade through the streets of Copenhagen, we must ponder how we will answer our grandchildren when they ask “What did you do during the climate change conference?”

Our response just might be, “Oh, I missed it, because I was shoveling out the driveway while waiting for the electricity to be turned back on.”

Of course, we know the UN and the Obama Administration are using fraudulent, yet convenient, numbers. We also know, as we face thirty below in many states, that what’s going on in the real world just doesn’t matter.


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