Ice caps and glaciers growing around the world, penguins looking for warmth!

30 years later, Arctic and Antarctic ice has actually increased, and is growing at fastest rate in recorded history.

Next time you see the news reports of “catastrophic” ice loss at the poles, try to remember you’re watching a ratings-oriented entertainment program driven by hysteria and propaganda. Ditto for the Greenpeace rallies chock full of ‘climate change’ propaganda to secure their funding. Ditto for Al Gore’s un-scientific Star Trek film, now proven to be bursting with junk science. Now, check the facts for yourself. Why do we continue to hear the scare stories about Antarctic ice vanishing when it is, in fact, breaking records for ice growth? Well, it’s simple. Your local media outlet always shows you seemingly amazing images of massive melting and chunks of ice breaking away — but always neglect to mention that it is normal, and happens every single year during the spring/summer melt. Oh, and it’s been happening since forever began, by the way.

Be aware when they show the “before” and “after” pictures on your 6 o’clock news. The “before” pictures are always from the winter season and the “after” are summer images. So, to properly educate you, take a look at actual images of ice concentrations from the same time of year in comparison, spread out over three decades. Not only is the interior growing but so is the sea ice. Sea ice levels are higher now than when satellite records began.

Antarctic Ice Extent and Concentration for October 1979 and October 2008

From the National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado

Note that the ice extent for October 1979 (when satellite measurements began) is 18 million sq km, for October 2008 the ice extent was 18.1 million sq km. Ice concentration shows even greater increases, from 13.6 million sq km, to 13.9 million.

Not a huge increase but certainly notable since everyone in the controlled media has been screaming about Antarctic ice melt off, obviously that is not happening. Interior ice is increasing at an even greater rate. According to NOAA GISS data winter temperatures in the antarctic has actually fallen by 1°F since 1957, with the coldest year being 2004. All the while global CO2 levels have gone up and the main stream media has been reporting near catastrophic warming conditions, all while global temperatures have been falling for a long time now. The MSM and certain segments of the scientific* community truly must have no shame. (JC’s note: *Scientific, meaning the IPCC & Al Gore – of which very few are real scientists, compared to the over 31,000 real scientists who have signed a petition clearly stating that man-made climate change is totally non-existant, the globe is not warming unnaturally, and creating more CO2 emissions would be very positive for the environment, not negative!)

”While the penguins would normally turn back when they hit the warmer Benguela waters, the current has been “exceptionally cold” this year” – The Washington Post

The Antarctic penguins must not be enjoying all of this cold and ice too much as hundreds, perhaps thousands, are migrating to the warm beaches of Brazil. More than they’ve ever seen. Hey, wouldn’t you migrate to Brazil if you lived in Antarctica and it started getting even colder than normal?!?


In the mid 1960s, ITT built a power transmission line in Antarctica. The transmission towers stood 115 feet tall. As you can see in this photo, all but the top 30 feet of the towers are now buried in ice.

Worldwide glaciers growing….but heaven forbid the media will inform you of this fact.

An Associated Press article written by Samantha Young admits that all seven glaciers on California’s Mount Shasta are growing. The article then goes on to rhapsodize about “global warming”. The seven tongues of ice creeping down Mount Shasta’s flanks “are the only known glaciers
in the continental U.S. that are growing,” the article says.

How convenient. Let’s ignore Crater Glacier on Mount
St. Helens, which is not only growing, but is now larger
than it was prior to the 1980 eruption that entirely
obliterated it. How convenient. Let’s ignore the fact that the Nisqually
Glacier on Mount Rainier is growing. Let’s ignore the
most continuously monitored glacier in the northern
hemisphere. How convenient. Let’s ignore the fact that the glaciers
are growing on Washington’s Mount Shuksan.

How convenient. Let’s limit our discussion to the
continental U.S. That way we can ignore the glaciers
in Alaska that are advancing a third of a mile per year!

Oh, the article does throw a bone to Alaska. “Glaciologists say most glaciers in Alaska and
Canada are retreating, too,” the article says, “but there are too many to study them all.”

How convenient. Let’s make sure to study only the ones that are retreating. And forget to mention that it’s normal for them to retreat, while others grow. Musta learned that trick from Al Gore himself.

“Although Mount Shasta’s glaciers are growing, researchers say the 4.7 billion cubic feet of
ice on its flanks could be gone by 2100,” the article continues.

Let me see if I understand this. The glaciers on Mount
Shasta are growing (one has doubled in size) … but they’re
going to be gone by 2100?

“Climate change is causing roughly 90 percent of the world’s mountain glaciers to shrink,”
the article continues.

How convenient. Let’s restrict our conversation to
mountain glaciers. Let’s ignore the East Antarctic Ice
Sheet, which covers almost five million square miles, and
is growing. Growing! The East Antarctic Ice Sheet is
almost 100 times bigger than all of the rest of the world’s
glaciers put together, which means that 90 percent of the world’s glaciers are growing.


Please let your local news sources and Greenpeace activists know that you don’t appreciate the kind of disinformation they keep shoving down our throats. Eh? Not everyone has the time to go out and research the actual facts for themselves!

This concludes my weekly LOL in Al Gore’s face.

12 thoughts on “Ice caps and glaciers growing around the world, penguins looking for warmth!”

  1. Only the brainwashed herds glued to their televisions and donating to Greenpeace still actually believe the ice caps are melting into oblivion. The mass media and the Al Goreacle ought to be ashamed

  2. it does not look like a power transmission tower to me. it looks like a crane (see hook on the end of dangling cable).

    nevertheless, let's posit this is photo of a transmission tower. it is poor math to assume that 30 feet remaining of a 115 foot tower means an 85 foot surface ice increase because it does not take into consideration the current slant of the tower — the acute angle formed between the surface and the tower.

    when the tower was built, was it vertical or has it always been slanted over like it is in the picture? in all likelihood, if it is a transmission tower, then it was erected originally to be vertical to the surface and has fallen over now that it is disused.

    because it is now slanted, it creates a right triangle with respect to the surface. is the tower height of 115 the height of the triangle or the length of the triangle hypotenuse (which is currently formed by the slanted tower)? is the 30 feet the length of the tower (hypotenuse) remaining above the surface now or the height of the triangle vertically from the surface to the tip of the tower?

    because the tower is now slanted, the increase in surface ice cannot be measured directly by the amount of tower above the surface now but must be calculated using trigonometry based on the angle of the tower with the surface.

    there is an indication of increased surface ice since the object was placed where it is but the interpretation of an 85 foot increase is significantly greater than the actual increase.

    if you do not allow my anon post then you are probably not really interested in facts or science, you are just interested in spin.

  3. Please be accurate in your reporting. I want common sense to prevail as much as the next person in this out of control world. The picture above is of a crane jib at the end of its hoist, not a tower for power transmission. This is the same kind of fly by night reporting that is starting to catch up with the enviormental loons. These people don't care about accuracy or winning the next election. They are consumed with power and agenda. Be better than them!!!!

  4. Heavy objects sitting on ice for a long period of time will sink down into it. Especially a dark colored object. The object could only be used as a reference to the level of the ice if that object is sitting on underlying rock. Many objects in Antarctica are built on top of ice and eventually end up sinking down into them. The better point of reference would be the exposed mountain peaks down there or the few objects that are built on exposed rock.

    Even though the crane and tower is a bad example for growing ice I am more concerned that the world is heading for an ice age rather than heating up. No matter which way the world wide climate goes many of the conservation techniques proposed by environmentalists would also go to help in an ice age. Conserve power in all its forms, insulate homes, recycle, avoid trashing the environment, leave room for nature, etc. Those are smart in any environment; hot, cold, wet, dry, etc.

    I don’t think C02 is the villain that everyone makes it out to be because plants suck it up but general filtering at power & industrial plants does remove other pollutants that do pose more of a problem to people’s health and environmental destruction. Also reduces acid rains that kill wild life and destroy manmade structures.


  5. CBC is generally a 24 hour advertisement for the scaremongering Suzuki foundation.

    Facts: the glaciers that are melting have been melting at the same pace since well before mankind invented SUV's.

    Facts: areas like Antarctica which contain the vast majority of the worlds ice are expanding.

    Overall, there is nothing unusual happening and any little human being who actually thinks we can impact the natural cyclical changes is just an arrogant fool.

    Mankinds contribution to climate change is equal to farting in a hurricane. Oh and speaking of hurricanes, they are at the lowest activity level in 30+ years.

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