Nationwide Protest against Obama’s Cap and Trade

By Sher Zieve, CFP

The time for a nationwide protest against our “lawmakers” has come—I am no longer referring to them as our representatives as they have stopped representing We-the-People. The volume of calls placed on Friday to the US Capitol switchboard and our Congressional Reps again shut it down and voice mailboxes were full. The calls placed were reported to be 10-1 AGAINST Obama‘s and Pelosi’s plan to raise energy prices to we the consumers by at least 100% and in most cases 150-200%. Despite We-the-People (now We-the-Peons) telling the House of Representatives to vote “NO”, after reportedly being strong-armed and threatened by Pelosi and Obama House members voted “YES”. And, they voted on this bill that most of them admit they DID NOT READ!

Note: It is clear that these Representatives now represent ONLY Obama and Pelosi. They no longer represent their constituencies. And the ones who benefit from this legislation are those who are invested in “alternative energies” that will do nothing to improve any energy resources but, will merely allow the Federal Government to charge We-the-Peons more money. By the way, most of these “alternative energy” sources are either highly unreliable (for example wind doesn’t blow all of the time and the energy produced cannot be stored for future use) or cost far more than traditional sources. Alternative energies also tend to use more resources than traditional energy.

And who are a few who WILL benefit—at the cost of further destroying the USA? One of these is the patently corrupt and powerful Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who has invested between $50,000-$100,000 in T. Boone Picken’s Clean Energy Fuels. Additionally, in a clear spirit of conflict of interest, Pelosi also supported California’s Prop 10 that “gives thousands of dollars in rebates to natural gas vehicle buyers, as well as spending on R&D, and supposedly cost California $9.8 billion over 30 years.” Then there’s Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA) who cosponsored the Cap and Trade bill with Henry Waxman (D-CA). Markey has invested between $51,000 and $115,000 in the “alternative energy” company Firsthand Technology Value Fund. And if Cap and Trade passes the US Senate, Al Gore’s multiple and far-reaching investments in “alternative energies” will make him a Billionaire. These are only a few of the corrupt politicos making money on the backs of the workers—that’s us, folks. They will raise our taxes to pay for their folly—and their mushrooming wealth.

In a contradiction to Obama’s plan to turn the USA into a third-world country, the Europeans (who have already experienced the reality of Cap and Trade plans of their own) have actually moved away from the Cap and Trade type programs. Similar programs to Obama’s and the other US liberals’ and leftists’ Socio-fascist Cap and Trade schemes have helped to bankrupt EU countries. As an example, CNS News reports that a study conducted by “Dr. Gabriel Calzada, an economics professor at Juan Carlos University in Madrid, said the United States should expect results similar to those in Spain:

“Spain’s experience (cited by President Obama as a model) reveals with high confidence, by two different methods, that the U.S. should expect a loss of at least 2.2 jobs on average, or about 9 jobs lost for every 4 created, to which we have to add those jobs that non-subsidized investments with the same resources would have created,” wrote Calzada in his report: Study of the Effects on Employment of Public Aid to Renewable Energy Sources. “Obama repeatedly has said that the United States should look to Spain as an example of a country that has successfully applied federal money to green initiatives in order to stimulate its economy.” However, it appears that he lied, again. Taking into consideration the actual job losses—9 currently held jobs lost for every 4 so-called green jobs “created”—the concept of “green jobs” quickly becomes a myth. Obama’s unemployment figures will continue to rise.

Our country, Our jobs, any freedoms and liberties gone

So, here is reality. Cap and Trade is about money and power for the US’ now-ruling elite; a power elite class that has Dictator Obama-the-Usurper at the helm of a fast-sinking US ship. If passed by the Senate, Cap and Trade will remove our rights as US citizens to even have the ability to set our own thermostats. Obama appointee Rosa Brooks (who also worked for George Soros) wants each and every home in the US to have mandatory “smart meters” which can and will have the federal government regulating energy usage. And with the passage of Cap and Trade, you will soon pay through the nose for all of your energy needs. Obama and his feds will have officially entered and begun control of you and what you are allowed to do in your own homes. Don’t forget that ObamaCare is next. If this one passes, Obama and his thugs will control our bodies—they will soon no longer belong to us but to Obama and the collective. We have now reached the time for Nationwide Protests against a government that no longer works for us but is now almost fully positioned to move against us. If we do not affect them now, there will never be a time in the future that we can do so. It will not be long before Obama will have his private police force (on Google look up the GIVE Act and AmeriCorps) in place. If we do not take National Days of Protest against this increasingly tyrannical government now, we will not be able to do so in the future. I would suggest we begin locally by contacting the people who planned and implemented that April Tea Parties. They have access to the National Tea Party coordinators. If we don’t act now, our country, our jobs, any freedoms and liberties left and our future may—make that will—be gone forever. Pelosi’s Alternative Energy Investment:
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