Scientist hits out at emissions bill

The Bendigo Advertiser

WRONG TERM: Bob Carter says carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.

The Bendigo Advertiser, June 24, 2009 A LEADING academic says the Carbon Pollution Reduction bill before Parliament is the single worst piece of legislation to be foisted on the Australian public. Professor Bob Carter was in Bendigo last night to address a climate science meeting. He said Australians were being conned, as the bill was aimed at carbon dioxide rather than carbon, and carbon dioxide was not a pollutant. Professor Carter said the public should have access to balanced views on climate change. Twenty years of intensive research and great expenditure had produced no compelling evidence that humans have had a significant effect on climate. “I have been described as a sceptic. I am not a sceptic, I am a scientist, and all good scientists should be sceptical. “I would rather be described as a climate agnostic.’’ Professor Carter is adjunct professorial fellow at the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University, Townsville. He said the legislation would be fine if it meant positive outcomes. However, it did not, and it was the underprivileged people who would be hit hardest. “Everywhere else in the world similar legislation is called emission trading bills.’’ He said the use of the term “carbon dioxide’’ to indicate a pollutant was not correct in language, logic or science. And “climate change’’ was a tautology, as the climate changed continually. “If the bill is implemented, carbon dioxide emission will be reduced but the cost will be $3000 a head each year in taxes for every Australian. “And the temperature change will be 0.001C by the year 2100. “That is the science.’’

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