Support us – and let the debate go on

By Jens Robdrup

The debate is not over as the Al Gore will have us to believe.

It’s the end of our western civilisation as we know it and enjoy it to day, if he gets his way. To cut carbon emissions as the warmists propose will bring us back to 1910!

Do You want to give up your present standard of living because of a dubious and flawed scientific theory?

The warmists want to govern your life: don’t eat meat, no australian wine, no air travel, no cars, only one minute in the shower, no oil or coal, but wind power even if you freeze, and anyone who oppose is a denier and should be procecuted for crimes against the climate. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley would be surprised. Its come true, what they warned against.

But we can stop this madness. Reason will prevail. But help us to bring it along.

We plan an advertising campaign in Danish and international newspapers, a poster campaign and issuing of leaflets during the IPPC conference in Cph 7.-21. December. Already we have arranged an alternative conference for the 8th of December.

But we need your support.

Any amount will be spent on this cause. Help us with £/$ 10,- or more and we fight for the same cause!

Go to and learn more about us. It’s the only sceptical danish/English website. Or email us at: and ask for more information

Thank You for reading the above

Kindest regards

Jens Robdrup

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